A little advice for a somewhat seasoned grower

I have been growing outdoors in Seattle area for a few years now, know the challenges of keeping plants free of mold. Seasons are getting longer, my last plants were around 8’X6’ monsters that I’m still working on and I didn’t even grow last year.
My question is: What is the best THC bud I can grow in the short Seattle season?
I Still have plenty of CBD for at least half a year, maybe more, but once in a while I like a little thc buzz.


I would suggest autoflower 110 days seed to bud

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Get some kushes…
Kushy Kush flowers 45 days, its ready for harvest in mid September…or critical +, or anything close to landrace indica…
I grow in high elevation, mid october is as long as I can go outdoors…


Welcome to ILGM and boy did you ever come to the right place.
I’m from the Seattle area…32 years in Federal way, Wa. But now I live in Tenn.

I have to agree with @fever I know your weather and how short the season 's are going with an Auto-flowering plant would be the best way to go. check out our seed bank and check out our auto seeds here is the link

@McLes I’m about 30 miles north of Seattle. I ran into mold and rot really bad this past summer. Autoflower plants are great for us, or if we get a decent spring then putting photoperiod strains out early in the season should give enough time to harvest before our harsh weather kicks in.

@garrigan65 I didn’t know you were from around these parts! My mother in law lived in Federal Way before she passed away a few years ago. I love Tennessee too. My best friend lives in Chattanooga and I’ve been to Nashville and the JD distillery too :+1:. Tennessee reminds me of the Northwest in a lot of ways


Ya sure did i lived in Federal way for 32 years and 3 yr’s in Alaska.
and now 18 years in Tenn. Just North of Knoxville Tn.
Where you at MarttyBear ?


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I’m east of Everett. Just on the other side of the tressel!

Still in Washington, but visit Tennessee every few years

Everett, yup my ex-brother in-law works at the Boeing plant there.
Well the next time you visit here we better hook -up my friend


For sure @garrigan65! I used to work at that Boeing plant in Everett. Hated punching a time clock so now I make my own schedule and I love it! Knoxville was on my list of places to visit next time in Tennessee! Happy New Year, Will :+1:

Thanks for all the great feedback. Just ordered up some autoflower.
Got my girls started early and out in the garden by April,they were already 2’, grew into very conspicuous 8’ plants. Only problem is weather just doesn’t stay dry enough for the flowering process to complete its cycle. Could have put a circus tent over them to attract even more attention but opted to harvest early. Still got mold and rot.

Yeah it was especially nasty this year with mold and rot. I lost almost everything in a span of 2 days when we got 2” of rain over a weekend I was out of town. Came back to mold everywhere. It was devastating!!! Next summer I’m going to only run autos outside so they can finish before fall comes :+1:

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