A•K•4•7 Autoflower

New grower here. First time cultivator of Autofowers. 30 days from seedling. Super soil medium. Water, and neem oil only so far. Just seeking some opinions on how are they going so far? I’m not 100% sure what to expect from them. I think I may have stunted their growth from heat stress. By putting them outside to early. Any tips for growing AK-47.

Will upload some natural light snaps soon :slight_smile:

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All AK47 autos I’ve grown have wanted cal/mag at increased rates, until I started using NFTG nutes. With synthetic nutes, you may find a need for extra, but just read how they are doing.

Can u take pics without the lights?


If you are trying to move them outside, do it in small increments in regard to direct sunlight. As intense as that grow light seems to you, it’s nothing but a candle compared to the sun.

Place in filtered sunlight and then move it into the direct light for longer periods until she can take full sun all day.

Here in Florida, if I notice a plant being heat sensitive, I place her in a spot that has filtered light during the hottest part of the day.