A helmet head survivor with different bud

GGAF from ILGM. Was very tiny and white but planted as a WTF. It popped and head did not come off. I removed helmet after a few days. I let it grow and all seemed normal. This bud does not look like my other three plants. Is it simple foxtailing or just being a runt? Today is day 91 from breaking ground. All the other buds like normal on other plants. Any ideas? First picture is Helmet Head. Other pic is tent with other plants including Helmet Head is in back right corner. Thank you in advance


13 weeks from seed to harvest would not be unusual for an auto. Foxtailing usually occurs at the end of a plants growth. It’s doing everything it can to meet it’s purpose of producing the next generation. The next step might be hermaphroditism.

Check your trichomes. Any amber on the buds? Harvest if so…


Thank you again. I recognize your username and know you have provided insight in the past. I haven’t checked trichrome as I still see a lot of white pistols. Will do in morning. Again this helmet head had a rough life. Even the beginning the seed was half the size of the others and almost pure white. I planted it instead of tossing it. Probably would have been better if I did as tent would be less crowded. Stay safe

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She looks great. I agree she looks pretty ready or super close to it. She looks to be super swollen. You did a great job with her :grin:


Wow that means my other plants are skinny colas! So that bud is normal. Thanks.

Each strain will grow a little different. My sativas generally have smaller colas than my Indicas.

All 4 plants are ILGM GGAF. Probably just a phenotype variation. Again thank you

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