A grow journal from an extreme noob

@outdooring I’m working on 3 White Widow AF’s with high CBD…9% for both THC and CBD.

Im hoping its good or I will be giving away alot, fingers crossed.

taste and smell is in the nose and mouth of the beholder…:wink:


This is true.

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Hi again @JeffersonJames add my name to the follow list :laughing:

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Here it is my first plant popping up to say hello.


Looks extremely wet careful


Its an extreme close up right after watering. It does not look so soupy irl. I am watering once per day right before lights come on for 16 hours. The next day she is bone dry.

Should I switch to everyother day? @MeEasy?

I’m not sure what medium it is in but when I’m at that stage in soil I probably give em water every 3-5 days. I’ll stick my finger in the soil as far away from the seedling and if there’s any moisture i don’t water it. Now this is growing growing in soil if that’s a coco I can’t tell you the best way I don’t use coco

Sounds like I may need to back off a bit.

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This will be a lot better explanation of best watering practices I think it includes all mediums it’s been awhile since I read it

Awesome!!! I appreciate the help!

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Entry 7 - The Change Up

So I’m a few weeks into this hobby and I am so much more knowledgeable thanks to some very fine folks here. After getting some advice and reading other journals, I decided to embrace the coco coir life.

I have yet to plant my new plants but I received everything I needed. I am going with 75% coco and 25% perlite. I will be using Jacks 321 nutrients following the measurements of another grower.

Based on everything I have read, I am hopeful this will be a much better alternative to soil.

Here are some links to everything needed.


Epsom salt

Jacks 15 0 0

Jacks 5 12 26




Fabric 5g pots


Plant Saucers



So I now have 4 plants going. The first plant was planted 2.5 weeks ago and has not grown too much. The 2nd plant was 8 days ago and is going awesome. It’s a really good looking plant. The last 2 were planted this past Sunday and Monday. They are both stretching a lot but growing really fast.

The pics below are in order of when they were planted. Any feedback is welcome!


Looks like you are on your way :eyes:

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I hope so, I just wish all the other plants look like the 2nd one. Do you think the stretch on the last 2 plants is concerning? I dropped the lights a bit.

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Some strains or I should say some plants want more light than others and when a plant isn’t getting enough light it reaches for the light. Could be the dome blocking the light I don’t know because I don’t use a dome. Just fix them when you repot em. Cover the stem with soil or if it’s crooked put it in the soil straight.

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Sooo, I have a plant that is growing pretty quick. It’s on its 3rd set of leaves but there is some yellowing. I cut back on watering and just mist the top soil. The growth has shot way up. Is this something to worry about? The plant seems healthy and is pretty big for only being a little less than two weeks.

Thoughts and suggestions welcome.

Your giving it too much nitrogen, as evidence by the clawing…

What is the medium (did you use coco yet or is this something else) and what is the nutrients in there (have you started jacks yet?), or are you adding anything else? If only jacks, double check your mixture and ph should be:

Silica first if using, stir and let sit 5(ish) min… then:

3.5G of part A (per gallon of water)
Stir and dissolve
Then add 1.2g of epsom salt per gallon
Stir and dissolve
Then add 2.4g of part B per gallon,
Stir and dissolve

After I mix mine as above I let it sit about 10 min then I ph it, I target 5.85, but anywhere from 5.6 to 6.0 for coco, or 6.0 to 6.5 for soil

In its current condition, since it’s a solo cup (hope you put drain holes in it) I would run 1-3 full cups of just water (ph’d) to sort of “rinse” the excess nitrogen away, let it sit for 12-18 hours then go back to a feeding, in that size I would mix one gallon as mentioned, then only give her about 1/4 cup of the mixture every 2 days

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I should add…amending the medium with a flush as mentioned then going back to the feeding (again, only one 1/4 cup every 2 days for about a week, then up it as needed), this will not fix the current leaves but it will fix the new growth as it comes in… once you have another 2 nodes of nebfresh growth, I would strip all of that, that is currently clawed.

Additionally, why the domes? I ask cause I am on the “no dome” club, but not everyone has my conditions of 78F controlled temps, and 55% controlled humidity

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Thanks @Ocean The seedlings are in a MG soil for seedlings that I had laying around for herbs for herbs. So it is very likely that there is too many bites.

There are holes in the bottom so I’ll do as you say and run a couple of cups of distilled water to flush. I have started using Jacks but only since Thursday. I have been misting the top soil only. The yellowing started before hand though I’m sure Jacks did not help.

I used the domes because my humidity level was in the teens. I have since added a humidifier so they are gone now.

Thanks again. I have the coco ready for transplant and I am sure it will get a lot easier from there.

How soon is too soon to get them out of the MG soil and into the coco?