A grow journal from an extreme noob

Hey folks!

I’ve decided to do a first time grow journal. My hope is to use this as a means to better understand this hobby as well as maybe help another first time grower in the future.

I will detail each decision I have made and will make, from choosing seeds to setting up grow tent and so on.

I am sure that as I progress, the information will get more detailed and knowledgeable. But, as of right now it is very limited as I am sure everyone’s was in the beginning.

I will be posting a few times a week with pictures and thoughts. As of right now, I am at the germination stage and will post a more detailed summation later today.


I’m down to follow along of that’s okay with you. These are the best kind of journals. Filled with enthusiasm and wonder. You’re in a great place to figure this hobby out. Keeping a detailed account of what and why is a great idea. I would also suggest you read every thread you see that sounds like the poster is having some issue. Seeing where they went wrong and the diagnostic process is quite informative. Good luck!


@Eagles009 of course! I welcome any and all input as well.


I always recommend people to start a journal or join an active posting to fix their beginner mistakes as they make them(God knows these guys helped me with my first zkittle grow ) , best of luck what’s your medium , nutes, and light .


@GreenSnek Great question…not sure what medium or nut refers to, but I went with the Mars-hydro TL 1000 for light. Ill be explaining the reasoning for that soon.

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I think its important to start here as it will give a decent sense of what to expect. Im a hobbyist. In fact, my hobby is hobbies. Im more into the research and learning than I am into the actual doing so I find myself jumping from one thing to another.

For instance, I once bought a junked up MGB so I could teach my self how to fix cars. I spent hours and hours on forums researching how to fix this or that…everything from engine work to wiring. Even body work.

The result was a completely re-built 77 MGB after 2 years of work. I invisioned long rides with the top down enjoying my new car. Instead I was bummed because the car was fixed, so I sold it and bought and old Harley to do the same.

This is relevant to this new hobby as it will go exactly the same. I will spend hours of reading to get the best possible outcome I can. I will make mistakes, and I will learn. The best part is that I will undoubtedly be a well informed grower by the end.



I am not a huge smoker. Until recently, I have not smoked for 20 plus years. To be honest, I never really enjoyed getting too stoned.

Back then. I did not know about different THC levels and CBD was never talked about. Now its completely different. I now enjoy smoking on the weekends getting a nice body high with a perma grin for a few hours. So I did some research.

I went with White Widow AF, with high CBD. The end percentage will be roughly 9% for both CBD and THC. My hopes is a nice high that is more relaxing and less intense.

I purchased 10 seeds with the goal of getting 2 to germinate for my first grow. As I am only growing for myself, I am sure 2 plants will last me a long while.



Great idea i will follow along

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As I waited for the seeds I started reading about options for best grow environments. I had already picked out a closet and assumed I would just place some lights up and call it done. I have never been so wrong.

Fortunately, I research EVERYTHING. I mean, I will literally spend 30 minutes trying to pick out toothpaste. I decided to go with a grow tent after reading about all the benefits.

On to Amazon…I got overwhelmed very quickly. There was way more involved than I thought. I hunkered down and did some window shopping. I landed on grow tent kits. Everything you need, then asked for input. Turns out, not a popular thing, lol.

So what I ended up doing is taking some advice and spent a bit more money on things that were better.

Here is what I decided on after 2 days of reading reviews.





I received everything and put it together. I know this is not a premium setup but im fairly certain it will do the job for 2 plants. I do plan on getting a 2nd light tomorrow. As I get more proficient, I suspect I will up my light game a bit.

One thing I will say is that there were not enough top supports on the tent so I ordered more. Here it is set up, nothing fancy but it holds a steady 78f without issue.



I received my grow tent set up the same day I received my seeds. After setting everything up I began germination.

I followed the Grow Bible’s instruction and placed 2 seeds in a shot glass filled with filtered water that I left out for 24 hours. The seeds immediately floated, which I expected.

I placed the shot glass in the tent and checked again 12 hours later. The tent has been a constant 78 degrees, which I read is perfect for germination. But the seeds were still floating. I tapped 1 and it immediately sank, tapped the other and nothing. 12 hours later after returning from work I ran upstairs to check on them.

There was still one floating…I tapped, nothing. I tapped again, then it finally sunk. I read that people leave them in water until there is a tap root so I went to bed. Checked again in the morning for any signs of a tap root and nothing.

After returning from work…the seeds have been 48 hours in water. Still no root. So I started reading again to see if I missed something.

I came across a random article that said seeds could drown if left submerged for more than a day. Worried, I ran upstairs and placed the seeds in a moist paper towel. I did get a good look and both seeds have cracked, so im fairly certain that is good news.

Im hoping to return home this evening to find some nice tap roots…fingers crossed.

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Welcome. Yes from now on just take a shot glass with water and a cap full of hydrogen peroxide in it soak beans for 12 to 24 hrs then paper towel til they get a tap. Usually within 2 days i have a bean with a quarter to half inch tap. When u do paper towel after soak just set the beans in the paper towel fold over and pour the shotglass water on the napkin. If they are autoflower seeds start off in the final home if photos u can do transplants. What medium and nutrients are u planning on using


@Mark0427 It sounds like I did all the right things so far. Which is good to hear. I’ll post soon about soil selection…off to a meeting.

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If u have the time to be able to water the plants a bit more. Id suggest canna coco and jacks 321. Man it sure makes a beautiful plant so far. The best looking girl ive grown so far and ive grown a few nice looking plants lol. No dirt smells so far not an issue one if u run into an issue at any point just flush with water and refollow with good bute water it is super simple so far just requires more watering so the coco does not dry out. Just starting flower within the week

These 2 are a day apart but 8 days above coco.


As I was reading and seeing the size of the tent, a 2nd light was the first thing I thought of. I assume you are getting another TS1000. Although I do not have one, HLG 135 is a favorite around here at a similar price point.
As far a hobbies goes this is a good one. Each time it is new, with new things to learn and change. Start with autos change to photo. Start with soil in a bag, then start amending it, then making your own etc. Oh wait, lets see how coco does, or hydroponics. Cloning sounds interesting, I now need more space, I am growing so much I have to give some of this away. You are hooked. A hobby becomes an obsession to improve and be more productive. So welcome and enjoy.


@beardless Yep, thays exactly where my head is at. Starting with a few autos in soil, then graduating to fem, eventually get into hydro, etc…

I used to home brew and got really into it. Started with kits and bottling, then moved on to roasting my own grain and creating my own recipes. I suspect this will be the same.

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@Mark0427 those look really nice!

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My goal is to start small and eventually evolve as I gain more knowledge. Hydroponics will likely be in my future or creating my own organic compost soil mixture…one thing is for certain, the way I approach this hobby will change with each grow.

Soil was an after thought if I’m being honest. I just assumed I would buy a bag of organic soil and have at it. Again, after reading I discovered I was wrong. However, I decided to take the easy approach for my first grow. I dont want to worry about anything except for learning. The solution came while reading an email sent by ILGM after I ordered the seeds. There was a link for a Pot for Pot all inclusive kit.

I did some research and read reviews and it seemed to be a good no thought way to proceed. Here is the link:

“Buy outdoor and indoor marijuana growing kits – a Pot for Pot” https://apotforpot.com

The kit includes soil, fertilizer, a 5 gallon pot and some various other things. I have not received it yet and I don’t know how much more expensive it is, but my hope is that it will have everything I need.

I will say that I am pretty disappointed in their delivery. I ordered it on a Saturday, selected and paid $40. for 2 day shipping and I am still waiting 6 days later. I checked up on why and it turns out that they don’t get packages picked up until Tuesday night which basically eats eliminates 2 day Shipping.

So I guess I ended up paying over $150. for soil and a pot…I am exaggerating a bit on what you get, but I just think 2 day shipping should mean 2 business days from when you order, not 2 days from when the company feels like shipping your order.

I should be planting today or tomorrow and will post pics. With a second light coming tomorrow I am going to set my tent up better.


Can’t get any easier than fox farm ocean forest of happy frog. I pick them up at garden or agricultural supply stores. If you are in the Midwest check Farm & Fleet or Fleet Farm.



Over the weekend I took sometime and planted my first germinated seed. It had approx. 1/2" taproot which i planted into the seedling kit from A Pot For Pot. After 1 day, it sprouted. So far so good.

I had another germinated seed waiting for a second kit from a pot for pot, but due to their aweful service and the fact that I have still not received it after a week, I planted this one regular seedling soil in a Solo cup.

This gives me an excellent opportunity to test this kit vs standard soil. On the plus side, I have another seed germinating for the 2nd kit when I eventually get it which will give me 3 plants.

I am thoroughly disappointed with this company. They should be up front that it takes 4 to 5 business days to actually process the order.

On a side note, my tent is now complete. I bought another light (Mars Hydro t1000) and 2 9" fans. Ill post pics once everything is planted.

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What strain you going to grow?