A grow from the past

This was a California Dream auto that I topped at the 3rd node and I didn’t clean up the first node so she had a 4-way technique. She was grown in a 3 gallon cloth pot in promix and advanced nutrients. She was under a 300w meizhi led. She started out as a mainline, but took a detour. She loved the training and was one of my most potent ladies yet. She went 125 days from sprout and around 83 days in flower. She threw some spears out and she secondary buds weren’t bad either. She produced about 100g wet and ended up with around 1 to 1 and 1/2 oz when dried and cured.


Looks delicious, and rocking the og Nintendo :sunglasses:
At’s right :+1:


Thanks nug. She was a potent lady, one of my more potent ones.