A great gift. Who has one?

This ad popped up today.


One of my favorite combinations. Right up there with steak and a bj.

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But not necessarily in the same order.

I wonder why they made it a left handed mug???

I’m typically not the one complaining about one thing coming before the other :rofl:

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Wow, now I’m trying to picture how to hit / hold that thing and light it - i think its a two person operation

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I can see all at once…but I’m a glutton.

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Moderation is overrated.

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Tell ya one thing, I couldn’t operate that thing after the first couple of hits. That’s for sure.

After way too
Much thought on my part my wife looked at it and says “you just hold it from the bottom like a bubbler.”

Oh. Duh.

Still too complicated after the first bowl. I see a shirt on fire and burns from scalding coffee poured all over to put the flames out.