A good Mag-Sulfur nutrient? Humboldt's Honey ES?

Hey guys, I’m wondering if anyone has recommendations for a good Mag-Sulfur supplement/nutrient that I can use around mid flower.

I bought a bottle of Humboldt’a Honey ES because I read in a grow guide that it contains Mag-Sulfur, but I don’t see either of those ingredients listed on the bottle. Am I missing something big here or was that grow guide’s author just wrong about Honey ES containing Mag-Sulfur?

All I see listed on the ingredient list is:
-Nitrogen .45%
-Phosphate .25%
-Potash 1.8%

Any responses are much appreciated!

Cal-mag would be a good source for Calcium/magnesium.
Sulphur I’m not too sure which supplements have it

Who is the expert here on nutes/suppliments

I think one good nutrient I have found so far is Botanicare’s Sweet.

It contains Magnesium Sulfur like I was needing.

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