A good haul this year

Ive never had So much high quality weed at once, Im im heaven :heart_eyes:


I had a great Summer Grow, I just finished some Indicas, here are the Stavia! Congrats on your harvest @Chefweedude


Havent had my harvest yet, Im guessing Ill have a good one?


Man your forest kills me!!! How soon to harvest up there?

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Month and change for the Afghans, 2 more months for the sativa maybe?

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I did not realize you could grow that late up there. Let me ask you something, what happens the last 2 or 3 weeks of flower. I need to get 3 more weeks before harvest at least. What happens in those last few weeks? The stretch has stopped, will the buds get bigger and swell up? Many are still small. The grow is outside temps and frost are a concern. I do cover at night because of frost here in Pa. Low temps are in the middle 30’s it’s to early for these temps here it will warm up again in about a week according to weather reports.