A girl in a rush! What now? (Early flowering)

Good morning! I have a thread for this plant over in the Seedling area but somehow I think I may need a new one.

Strain: LSD Autoflower ILGM, sprouted 11/8/21
Age: 24 days today
Medium: Soil/coco mix - using A Pot for Pot
Size: 5 gallon
Light: Marshydro TS 1000, 150 W
Time: 20/4, DLI at 45 today
Type: Indoor grow, Tent, 2x2x4.5
Temps: 75 - 77 day, 68 - 70 night
Humidity: 45% day - running a humidifier during light hours - 30-35% night (4 hours)
Nutes: None yet - part of the question
Ventilation: Yes - 4 inch fan in, 6 inch filter out.
pH of water: 6.5 - had her last drink transplanting day, 1/2 gal on 11/26 - moisture/weight checked daily

This is Lucy. She is my second seed after a spectacular failure of seed #1 due to gross incompetence on my part.

There is not a lot of information on this strain on the site, I know the seeds are trickier than expected after all my fumbling around.

So, on day 16 I saw a “preflower” on the third node. I was happy because I saw she is a girl. Since then, she was transplanted into her full sized pot, got a bit mad for a day but is growing pretty well since then. She has grown 3 inches in 8 days. She has also flowered all over herself, leading me to think that she decided to skip the veg phase. (She’s 7.5 inches tall today!)

Questions. Given that I am using A Pot for Pot, should I NOT give her her flowering nutes? I have Techniflora’s Recipe for Success, and I was thinking of using 1/4 strength nutes to help her along, seeing as how young she really is.

Also, anyone have any idea how big she could get? (Info from elsewhere seems to indicate that she will grow 4 - 6 weeks in flower)

Lucy is my “test grow”, first time, and I wanted to grow her as simply as possible, with an eye toward training and topping my next sprout - or sprouts. Having 3 seeds left makes me think I may need to plant them together - I am getting a 3x3x6 tent for Xmas, and I already received my cheapo 300W LED light to go with it. (Lucy is chilling with the TS1000.)

Opinions? Advice? I wasn’t expecting a bonsai pot plant, I was afraid my tent was too short! I’m happy with whatever results, but is there anything I can do to help her along?

Many thanks for reviewing my lengthy post, and any help you can give is greatly appreciated.


I no longer grow autos. I kept getting small plants. Autos do what they do and we have little to no control.

Just water and feed her as needed. Make sure she has adequate lighting.


Yeah, I went with autos for my “learning grows”. I have 5 photo seeds waiting in the wings. At least with the autos it’s not too terribly long to wait to try again.


it’s time to start feeding. also, since you’re using a coco/soil mix, i would lower your ph to 6. coco likes it at 5.8. soil likes it at 6.5. split the difference.


I havent had a small auto yet but i think lucy will stretch and get bigger that’s thing about autos they have a mind of there own


She grew 1.75 inches since yesterday. She may surprise me yet! (9 inches and counting…)

I believe she was working on her root system now she will grow

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It can sometimes take a auto just as long or longer to finish out than a photo especially if u r growing clones. Autos are good to an extent. They give u a product that will get u a buzz and do what’s needed. The bad is they do what they want when they want lol. Best I can say is watch the ppm numbers and don’t overfeed or under feed. Try and keep a pretty good feed schedule and all should go rather well. @Nicky @Not2SureYet both grow autos super well with great yields. Good luck on the finish


Welcome to the community, on that pot 4 pot medium did you add the soil? It’s a coco and perlite blend out of the bag and needs a PH of 5.8-6.0. I grew my 1st plant in that and even though they claim water only from start to finish, I found that is not the case. I started adding nutrients at around week 5-6 after run off numbers were low. I grow autos and they can put out a nice yield with everything in check. Looks hungry for nitrogen to me. I would get that PH in the coco range :love_you_gesture:


I did make the PfP up exactly as directed, there is some soil mixed into the coco and perlite, with about 1/4 of the pot only the “superb soil”. She will be starting week 5 tomorrow (kinda, she actually sprouted on a Tuesday) so I have some light nutes ready for her. I’m using Recipe for Success by Techniflora, and will be adding their bloom recipe at next watering. I’m going to start at 1/4 strength and see how she goes. I’ll check soil pH and adjust down a touch if need be. That’s one thing I haven’t done to date. She woke up very happy this morning. This picture was taken about 15 minutes after lights on.

Thank you for weighing in!


Thank you! She is growing quickly now, she’s at 9.5 inches this morning, so she’s grown about 5 inches this week. ATM, she seems very happy, slight “bedtime” droop but bright eyed and bushy tailed at lights on. She is my “learning” plant, and I’m going to finish the last three seeds I have of this strain after she is done. I’m setting up a larger tent with a larger light (300 w as opposed to my current 150w) after the holidays. If she’s still growing at that point, she’s going in the “big” tent and I’ll start the new batch in the old tent.

That will be my “learn to train” grow. Seeing as how I now know they start to bloom ridiculously early helps inform my decisions for next time.

After that, I have five photo seeds (Gold leaf) to grow.

I only need enough bud for me, and hopefully I can make some edibles for my husband, who will not smoke/vape.


The above picture was taken out of the tent, and shows her actual color. The ones I take in the tent look much paler. I did remove the first “single finger” leaves, they were yellowing.

Autoflowers are funny like that. Here is my purple kush week 3, 4, 5, 6 and 13 at the finish


Wow, looks really good. I knew this was going to be a big learning experience for me. Lucy is 26 days old today, I know I’ve got some time to go and I hope I do at least 1/2 as well as you! I know I have been very careful to follow some good directions this time (Hellraiser journals) and hopefully haven’t made tons of mistakes.

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Your girl looks good. I would alternate between feeding her Jack’s bloom booster and molasses water. Start with the molasses water, 1 Tbs per gallon. Once the flowers start to develop go with a bloom booster. I used the boom booster with every watering from week 7 on. Jacks has very clear instructions for feeding.

This is the main cola of the plant.
Yielded a decent amount.
Very sticky and smelly. Still in the curing phase


Looks delicious. Thanks for the info! I’ll check my molasses and make sure it’s unsulfured. My nute set does have a sugar supplement, I’ve used it a bit but she hasn’t needed water since I transplanted her a week ago. Putting a baby into a 5 gallon pot has its perils!

Yes autos usually start flower on their own at around 30 days some less time some more time. But roughly 30 days from ground break.


That’s what I had read, so imagine my surprise when there we were at day 16. Pretty much straight from seedling to flower stage.

Well, after looking her over very thoroughly, I decided to give her her first feeding. 1/4 strength - just to be careful. I also decided to put her in partial bondage, since the undergrowth was so upright they were using the fan leaves as a parasol.

I’m not touching the top.


My pleasure. This community is great, I would try and get that humidity down some. Looking better already :love_you_gesture: