A gifted grow 👍 Using Remo nutrients


Thanks fir sharing girls look good
I need to say please dont blow up my journal with questions about your grow
If you tag a few members into your journal they will reply
Feel free to tag me as well brother
Hope you understand when we blow up other people’s threads it can get confusing
Happy growing :v:️CB


Ok heres a rare Sunday update hahaha
I had to move the red Devil and og kush into flower tent with limited hight i can only have about a 4 foot plant and both of theses are now 18-20 inches also I needed the room in veg tent

Here a few pictures of the red devil


@Countryboyjvd1971 the og Kush I grew, remained short, and stretched very little during flower. Phenotype pending, hopefully you get just as lucky if you’re limited on space.


I hope you do better than I did with the OG Kush. It was potent but not much flavor.


@Covertgrower i have 4 foot max plant hieght
7 total but minus lights and space needed between lights and canopy i dint go by weeks in my grows i look at plant and judge when ready to flower to keep them short
All good bro
@Myfriendis410 i will keep you informed on that
Lol happy growing guys


Yep, you’ll probably be just perfect wth the space you have. @Countryboyjvd1971


They look so good and pretty. :slight_smile:


Those look nice buddy keep it up


Good stuff! Nice little devil :+1:


@Countryboyjvd1971 is there someone that will or can explain exactly what you mean I explained to you that I am completely new to all off this if you can’t explain to me what and how to do what you are saying is there someone who dose run this site to please help me out here I started a new topic the other day and I don’t even know how to get back on to it my on fault that I’m am not technology Savvy like like you all are but if no has the time to give this help then just say and I’ll sign off completely I’m interested in growing not technology…


Haha search your name bro @Johnzy81 click on icon and then click screen name and all your activity shows up find your thread thier you can also click activity button amd then go to summary all you threads are list in summary page
I wasn’t running you off or yelling at you brother just trying keep my thread a little cleaner
No hard feelings brother :+1: :v:️CB :cowboy_hat_face:


It’s all good @Countryboyjvd1971 I thought I had mentioned to you that I was new to all this I should off said that I didn’t have a clue about any of it at all I was hoping to get the hang off it and I will my passion is growing, now that I can’t work but anymore ok I’m ranting the effort will be put in on my behalf it’s my responsibility to understand what I’m part off :v:


Ill find your thread and help you out brother
Ill tag back to it id you cant find it yourself no worries
We want you to learn and I understand your new
I sont mind you asking questions and only asking that if you are asking for help with any issues with your grow those should be asked in your thread brother this way the members dont get confused who they are helping its all goodgive me a little bit ill find your thread brother
Happy growing and have a good morning my friend :v:️CB




Woohoo is right, looking very good my friend!


Those are gorgeous!


Outstanding @Countryboyjvd1971


Brilliant healthy plants you must be delighted man.


Wouldn’t expect anything less than beautiful…coming along nicely :+1::+1:


Looking really good! :v::sunglasses: