A ghost with a Brain 😲

Yes, and I hope your husband is ok. Poor dude is getting the short end of life right now :anguished:

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Yes, my eyes are very swollen. He’s bleeding internally and they have to find it. They gave 4 bags of blood. This is scary cause there was no blood in toilet but it’s a G.I. bleed. I’ll be back later tonight. My husband never gets mad, he’s taking this like a trooper and we are staying very positive. :seedling::+1:


I wish him the best. And I will get a skunk picture up for you in a bit. Right now he is what needs focused on. And I will bounce over to your thread tonight to see how things went with him.

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@Nicky, sorry. I didn’t want to highjack that thread. You may want to look at the sensi star. It is a 7% thc and 8% cbd strain. I will be doing a critical mass cbd next grow. And hope to get in a cream and cheese cbd. I have been also getting a little more into the cbd strains. the bad is. I don’t smoke and only have 3 people to let me know how things are with what ever I grow.

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It was my thread and it’s dead/ off topic anyways no sweat haha.

That strain again is basically a 1:1 ratio
So far these are the only good ones I’ve found

Amnesia Haze (2:1, 84 days flowering)

*crack cbd 2:1, (2:1 10%/5%, 78 days)

Blue widow (2:1, 55 day flowering)

  • the good old fashioned Northern lights

I really think that 2:1 and 3:1 ratios are the way of the future, you can still get a good high and the cbd does alot on the side effects side as well as has shown positive protective properties in the Brain (small studies but still)
People don’t get paranoid, it works better with THC&CBD for pain management and much more but the research is just basically getting started.

I think in the future even stoners are going to want bud they can smoke and know the cbd levels are there to provide a bit of protection.

@Not2SureYet I’m shocked you don’t use!
Why did you start growing for family?
I didn’t used to smoke until last year now I only vaperize my own flower but I would like to try and get into ways of consuming without smoking where I can still have alot of control over how much I am taking.
Most people don’t realize the biochemistry evolved with edibles and that’s why they are so strong and overbearing yet its really hard for someone like you and me to dose with any sort of accuracy


I didn’t realize that was your thread. Sorry about that. I have never been a smoker of cannabis. Even back in school. I do a test bowl every now and then of what I grow. but not often. @Myfriendis410 is my official tester. In the lab, it seems a lot are doing the 1;1 strains. @aaa is a good person to talk with for cbd strains too.
I started growing as a hobby. And to help a friend out that was paying way to much at the dispensary’s. he goes through to much to pay the high prices. He has since stopped using this right now. But I really enjoy growing.


Well, another week down. This is the lone girl left in this grow. She took for ever to start to pre flower, but is now showing she is ready to make buds :grin: I have a feeling she will take a week or 2 longer to finish now than the 7 - 9 week window ILGM gives her. . :pensive: She is looking good though. The more leaves I take. The more she makes. I just cut another box of leaves off her 3 or 4 days ago. Can you see where LOL Tomorrow. I am going back for another box. She is going to need a little better air flow soon.



Today the Bubba kush got the boot. I realized I have 5 plants in 3 different tents. The bubba was on her own in the big tent :roll_eyes: So I started playing musical chairs with them. The Bubba is now in the 4x4 on her own since she is the only one in flower. I tried to pull her apart as best as I could since she was no longer in the scrog. The removable lines made it easy to get her out.

And a little preview of what is following. There are 2 seedlings in a closet sleeping right now

@bonnie1, @Peck @RandomlyRan, @JrsGarden


Love the setup! Did you put the casters on the railing below your plants, great idea!


Hmmm the skittles sounds interesting.


@Thumper,the railing is actually an old twin bed frame I cut down. And the added the wheels.
The stand the Bubba is on uses tubes from the same frame cut down. It was made for my 3x3 tent. The ones you are taking about where made to fit this tent or my 4x4 tent.

@Myfriendis410 helped me build the stands like these . They are made so they support a run off tray


Looking good.
Yeah 1:1 are common.
Autos have came a long way but not quite there yet nor are the cbd strains.
A 2:1 thc/cbd with like 15-20% would be soooo ideal


Thanks. I don’t smoke but know potency wise. my autos are as strong as a photo :grin: @Myfriendis410 is my official tester :grin:

Another week has gone by for the Bubba kush. She is now 14 weeks old. And still looks like she has a ways to go. I need to thin her out again today. She fills every thing back in about 3 days after I remove every thing. She is a strong one. I am also surprised by how strong of a skunk smell she has



looking great man!


Thanks Monk :grinning:

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She sure is full lol…very nice :cowboy_hat_face:


A little full. Lotta sap.


I did more trimming tonight. Every other night. I am going to trim more till i get her stripped down enough that all the bud sites are exposed to light. Growing normal plants is harder than in a scrog lol


@Not2SureYet I’m sure your grow is looking damn good brother !


Thanks. it seems like my new plants have froze in time :neutral_face: Then when I look at the difference in last week and this week. I see they are doing a little better than I realized. The others will be a week older tomorrow
This is one of them from my next grow. it is my critical Impact photo

Last week

And today