A ghost with a Brain 😲

Well, I thought I would try for another quick up date. I am so far behind in all the threads any more :disappointed:
I will start tonight with The Blue caramel since she is the farthest along. She still has 3 - 5 weeks left to go. I am thinking closer to 5. She is looking happy though.

BC at week 11 week 5 of flower

There has been a little moving around going on. Now there are only 3 left in the big tent right now.
So next to this one. We now have the brain killer at week 4

And then the Pineapple kush at week 10 week 4 of flower. So another 4 to 5 weeks left for her. She is starting to build up some nice buds now too. By this time next week. I think she will look much nicer.

I moved the Thai and the BS into a 2x4

Bloody Skunk is now starting to build up a little. this is at week 7 and week 3 for flower. 5 - 7 weeks left for her

And the Thai haze on the other side. With any luck. She will want to take a better picture next week :grin:

And yep, We are back to a pair of the viparspectra 450s in here :grin:

One the other side. We have the West coast. She is just starting her stretch. So with a little luck. I can get the scrog there filled a little

West coast 6 weeks old

And you can see. The Nightingale is doing great. She will get moved into a bigger pot tonight
Here she is at week 3

And I am sorry to say. The Ghost is gone. It would have been 3 weeks old too. It just dried up and there was no bringing her back. And since @dbrn32 called me a light waster :laughing: I have a Zkittles auto that will go into a rooter tonight. And will eventually take the spot of the missing plant in the big tent. Or will fit some where in this mix. I also have a RQS auto if it pops :grin: I chose those 2 since they are super fast finishing plants from what I have read. They will let me stay on my time line to have every one out about the same time the BK finishes. :grin:


Looks great buddy!

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great job @Not2SureYet. that top one has some real nice buds filling out.

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That pineapple though…damn girl you fine!!

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Thanks, The pineapple shows she is filling in more every day. I can see the difference now. After seeing the last few in the corner. it almost makes me want to do a grow with out any scrogs in the big tent for a grow. I could only do 3 that way I think.

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Well, time for another up date. A few days ago. I ran into a small issue with the Blue Caramel. I found some male bananas on 2 of the branches.

You can see, I had pollen spill out of these here.

I cut off 2 complete branches and all seems to be ok for now.
And here is where I am now at. Another week gone by.
Both the BS and Thai are moving along. Altho they almost feel slow. I have been looking and the BS seems to really kick in towards the end. lets hope so. I have seen @Myfriendis410 Thai. So I know it will be a nice plant. I took a clone from his. Sorry for the blue light. I forgot to turn the light off.

The Bloody skunk is moving slow. From all I have seen. This one waits till she is near the end to start building good.

I am really happy how the West coast is doing. It doesn’t look like all the toppings she got effected her a bit.

The nightingale is doing very well this round. i tried one a grow or 2 back. And it just never seemed to want to get started. This girl will be headed for a scrog when she is older.

Now, into the big tent.
The Blue caramel is looking good still. I just started feeding her the overdrive. She still has 2 to 4 weeks left to go. I am hoping no more issues come up and I can really fatten her up. This is her now. Minus the 2 branches

My Brain killer. I have wanted to do this one for a long time. So she will be going into a 2x4 scrog tonight. I made an up graded version of my scrog. I will show it with the BK in it, in a few days. And show all the points that make this one so good.

The Pineapple kush, well. I think this one is going to need her branches tied up if she keeps bulking up like she has in the last few days. I believe this one will make some pretty buds

I also have this little one that I am baby sitting. @Myfriendis410 will be surprised with her if I give her back lol She is turning out really nice. I will not add a recent picture till he is home and has her back :grin:

Well, that is it for now. Thanks for stopping by


sorry for your male parts. other than that your stuff looks to be coming along fine, keep up the good work.

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Thanks. I am all good with it now. I will do a before and after of @Myfriendis410 s plant.
This is on 6/28

And this is 7/4. Notice how you can not see the stick any more :grin:


If it’s ready to top, go ahead. Supercrop the snot out of it too haha.

Looking good! I’ll see you next week.

That 7 gallon pot looks small!


I’m out of likes, but great work! :+1:


Looking good! Just read you lost the Ghost. Sad day. Mine is starting her 2nd week of flower.


Thanks and @TXCanna, I will try again down the road. I am still trying to make a grow list that I may be able to stick by. I have to many that I would like to do right now. I need to narrow things down a little. I am till following yours :grin: I am just slow getting over here


Your plants look great man


@Marcarnone, Welcome to the forum. If it is the very center of the leaves you are talking about. It sounds normal to me. hard to tell with out pictures. I brought you here so as not to high jack the other thread. Do you have a picture of your plant that shows what you are talking about


Well, I suppose it is time for another up date. A few changes have been made since. I would say every think is ok. Come later this week. Once the BC is finished drying. I will be taking down the Pineapple, and the BS.
So far the grow is going ok. All the plants are starting to show they want more food. Starting tomorrow. I am going to feed them all full strength with the exception of the Zkittles since she is still very young. I chopped down the Blue Caramel last week. Once it is finished drying. I will chop the PH & BS. Then
This the the Blue caramels last day. I had to move her out of the tent so I could give her a 12 hr dark before chopping her. not easy since she is in a scrog.

This was from the first 2 branches

And what went into the tent

I made a new scrog that is working better than I could have hoped. I now have the freedom to move the lines and where I want them. As well as to raise or lower them since it was made with bungee string

This is the brain killer in it. This is one half of the new top. Once the tent is empty. I will connect the other half and have a scrog to run the whole length of the tent. I will be flipping this to a 12/12 once the Pk is out of the tent. And hope she will stretch as much as I think and some what fill the scrog.

Next to it is the Bloody skunk. This just never grew much. It smells great though

And the Pineapple kush still doesn’t want to fit in the picture

The Thai haze is doing really well. It will get moved into where the PK was once it is out.

The west coast is growing quick.

The Nightingale is another story. I am attempting to mainline her. My first attempt. This may be more of a what not to do lol I started by cutting her right above the third node

And once she grew out some. I cut her again leaving 4 tops. What I may have done wrong is to cut her where I did. There is no way to tie her down now. I think I should have let her grow. And cut off these new nodes I left. She will grow out… But I think it will change how she looks in the end as well as maybe add a little more grow time. I am in no hurry. So I may as well learn what I can now. That way if I decide to do this again next grow. I will have a little more info behind me

I almost forgot the little Zkittles auto


Looks great bro!!

great job @Not2SureYet! great harvest! looks like you got your hands full still :smiley:

Looking good man! It’s all a learning experience. I’ve done all the experimenting my first grow from topping and LST to different nutrients. That way my second grow goes super smooth.

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Thanks. I think the last year and a half have been filled with a lot of experimenting lol My next grow will be a little more straight forward though. No experimenting in it. Since it will be an all auto grow. it should be an easy one for me. :smile:


You said it lol :grin: