A fongus? 33 days auto

Hi friends! this is a 33 day autoflower. I found these leaves in the lower part, is it a lack of phosphorus or a fungus? It seems like a lack of phosphorus but I’m afraid to fertilize with more quantity and that the plant will overfeed


Lower leaves tend to get some abuse sometimes. Looks like water or food splashed on them and the lights were on.


Not a pro but my ww auto bottom leaves did the same thing. Didnt spread to other leaves but it did start to crumble away. i did eventually pluck them.

This is right b4 i plucked them. They started same as urs with brown faded/dry edges. Shouldnt be a problem IMO


Nothing to worry about, bottom leafs can rest on bags, or blow against them or the soil and start looking bad, if it bothers you seeing it you can pluck them off or leave them on till they fall then throw them away.


Plant looks great, those lower leaves look like they may have gotten wet at some point. Keep doing what you’re doing Growmie :love_you_gesture:

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Pluck em and keep on truckin! Totally normal for lower leaves to give out and do funky things.

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