A first time growing checklist, am I heading in the right direction?


Hey there.

I am about to start growing and I want to make sure I am not missing anything. I have a couple of questions as well. I really appreciate any input as you guys are the experts. I am planning to grow 2 plants because I am not sure this set up can support 3, if it can I will grow 3.
Below is the list of equipment I have planned:
. 2x2x5’11" gorilla grow tent, if that is too small for 2 plants then I can make the 2x4x6’7" work but I am trying to stay small, personal only.
. 1 (or do I need 2???) LED Galaxy Hydro 300w
. humidity monitor
. grow location is a closet, is a fan needed? I was thinking for fresh air… VenTech VT Inline Exhaust w/carbon filter and variable speed controller
. pH pen tester
. I am not sure what medium I will germinate in (suggestions?) but I figure I will ultimately transplant the plant to a 5 gallon (can I get away with 3 gallon?) fabric pots
. Medium: fox farm ocean forest organic; should i mix this with perlite to start with or should I even start with fox farm? I have read that lot of people seem to be starting in miracle grow then maybe moving to a different soil after germination.
. light timer
. feminized seeds
. currently undecided on nutrients, but I understand they are very necessary. I am still researching brands and availability.

Have I missed anything?

Thank you again!


Here are a few things that I have learned over the last several years growing at this site that might help you.

  • #1 KISS (Keep It Simple Sir (or Madam)) on your first grow. You can get into a lot of trouble adding a lot of stuff that is not really needed for the first time grower.
  • Download Robert’s free E-Book on growing MJ. read it through and it will help immensely.
  • Hanging fans in the tent for air circulation inside and a Exhaust system with a carbon filter is required if you want to keep your grow stealthy. The ladies start to get a little odorous at the end and is hard to cover up without a good charcoal filter.
  • Fox Farms soil is good to use but definitely use perlite (I use 20-30% perlite) which seems to keep my soil well aerated and it also helps to hold moisture in the soil.
  • I would start seeds in paper towel method as discussed in Robert’s book. I put them into starter seed soil (most garden stores and Home improvement stores) and use a CFL lamp until they get 3-5 sets of alternating nodes (leaves) on it. The CFL lamps are ideal for seedlings as they produce much less heat and you can keep them close to the plants. Then into the Fox Farms soil with all the starter soil around it. It seems to protect the seedlings from getting too much nitrogen at once.
  • When you transplant, you can start the LED as long as you have it far enough away to stop from burning the young plants.
  • You should not need nutrients until the flowering phase. The first time anyway, let them do their own thing and you will be amazed at how good you come out. You can search the site here and get the general idea of what you need to do. Read ROBERT’S Book and you will get a lot of vital needed info.
  • As your plants are vegging, you can research nutrients that you will need for your grow. Remember KISS is the best thing you can do.
  • THE most important thing to do is KEEP A STEADY pH READING ! ! Too high or low a pH can lock out nutrients and make a mess of a wall grown plant in a short time. When you are adding water anytime, if you are adding nutrients also, check the pH of the Solution AFTER adding nutrients if you put them in.
    Hope this helps you in your grow. We are all here to help each other and reading Robert’s book and asking questions here are are a positive start to your grow. Good Luck and Great Buds to you. Jerry


That space is only good for more than one plant if you are going to keep running alot of small plants in my opinion bucket takes up most of the space by itself


2x2= 4 sq ft. He could the 3 if he wanted to. Each plant would have just over one sq ft to grow which is fine.
One led light more than enough. I would say you got it.
And listen to what TexMan said…