A first time grower


Well Rugar89 it’s been almost a week and my cheddar head has been flowering for the last 3 days , here’s some pictures , how long does it take for the full flowering stage too take ? And I have some bulk booster for the flowering stage where would I start that and how much ? I use one gallon milk jugs to water my plants , all these instructions are in mil. And it says 8 mi. Per gallon? I use an eye dropper for my P.H balance and it doesn’t take much for that .


Looking nice , still weeks away , would guess @ least 8 more weeks , @ckgangl


I’m going on my 25th wedding anniversary the first week in April and I think it’s going to be ok till then , but it’s cutting it close for a harvest time , I’m going to be gone for just that one week , what do you think ?


You sh should be fine.


In my knowledge, that PK booster should be used for the last 2 weeks of the flowering stage (last 4 weeks if you stop feeding her 2 weeks before harvest).
PS I don’t know anything about that PK booster but I was using the bloombastic (PK 13-14) and I’m guessing that is almost the same product.
Maybe a search on Google will provide more information.


I find the feeding schedule for that nutrient line… Look at the bulk (seems that can be used from week 3 in Flowering stage- 8ml per one gallon of water but I recommend you to start whit half of the amount)