A few weeks into flowering GG#4


Looks good so far. Your light looks extremely blue, what do you have?


Lightbdoes appear to be heavy in blue spectrum and i agree getting more red spectrum woould be better for flower @dbrn32
@LowGGrow115 looking good but can i ask why you started a new thread Instead of updating your existing thread ?
Please in the future continue with one thread during a grow it makes for a more stream lined forum
Hope you understand
Happy growing :v:️CB


@dbrn32 i’m using a viparspectra reflector series 300w led grow light full spectrum. @Countryboyjvd1971 I’ll just update my already existing thread in the future, I didn’t think about doing it like that.


Just a fyi and thanks @LowGGrow115

Gotcha. Those don’t have the different switches right, you pretty much get full light all the time? You’ll do pretty good with them, but they do lack a little on the flowering end. If you ever decide to upgrade your lights, hit me up. We’ll try to get you into something a little more proper for flowering.

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A few of the tops, I’ve started flushing