A few seeds found while manicuring......stress or?

so i’m finding a few seeds while trimming. like 20 or so from one plant. weird thing is that the seeds I have found have all been just one single seed and they’ve all been in the same area of the buds… right where the preflower is, during veg. if it was pollinated by pollen floating around wouldn’t it have had clusters of seeds? could these be female seeds? didn’t find any male flowers anywhere. the plant stretched quite a bit at the start of flower and temp was 75 day 63 night… ph may have gotten off the last 2 weeks… my meter broke and because of christmas and the shipping cost/speed… it wasn’t worth ordering one. plant was turning purpleish right at the end too. water temp was 66 degrees (F) and it was RDWC [

How many plants do you have, and how many plants are seeded?

How long was the plant in flower?

Are you around other gardens, or are your neighbors possibly growing?

i have/had 36 female clones. only one seeded (like 20 total seeds so far but none close to each other) flowered for 56 days. all of the seeds are mature and striped… no extra stress when i started flowering…? no one around me is growing and no one has been to my garden that would have been around any pollen.

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If I understood you correctly, all the seeds were right at the internodes where the very 1st pistillate flowers formed. Is that correct?

It’s probably an unsolvable mystery, but if I had to bet on it I’d guess that a person was the vector for male pollen back when the plant first started to show sex. Maybe someone was culling males and went directly to the young clones (don’t you have a fairly large operation?).

But because it’s just the one plant, another possibility is apomixis, which in the case of cannabis means that the female plant fertilizes her own flowers without making pollen or male flowers. That’s the limit of my knowledge on the subject; I know that it’s possible, and that it may be linked to the maturity of the plant.

cool, yeah only seeds i’ve found are where the first pistillate flowers formed… where you’d look to see if its male or female. my op is indoor…1500 sq ft and it’s just me. there was like 1 or 2 times right after switching to flower that the light timer screwed up and stayed on a couple hours too long but they still got 12 hrs dark so ? and it was on the end of a row furthest from the wall of fans so it had air blowing across it going away from all of the other plants (like a positive pressure room) so it would be hard for pollen to actually make it to the plant. and then it would be impossible for random pollen to land only at certain nodes on that one plant, wouldn’t there more than likely be a cluster of seeds? i know is better if a female makes its own pollen, to pollinate a different plant instead of itself… oh yeah… i used 3 green led flood lights at night and one of them is a clear led with green glass instead of an actual green led

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What’s the lineage of the mother plant?

it’s sour diesel I crossed with ambrosia (ambrosia dominant) called D’ambro. (Damn bro!)

Haha nice name. Sounds like one just pollenated herself. Isnt super widespread so no harm no foul. Maybe she just dried out too much a time or two.

thanks! yeah i think it self pollinated. so are those seeds prone to being hermies or are they female?

Scientifically? No telling…

From my far from expert research… depends on how they were formed. If temps, light timing, stressers made her herm, she’ll be more susceptible to herming from that same stresser. Not necessarily a herm but weaker genetics. Should be femmed if its herm pollen. If she naturally pollenated herself, she’s a herm and u wanna burn those seeds.

Honestly as a breeder, id probably toss that batch regardless. Cant be wonking ur own genes. But as a grower, a couple seeds wont hurt. N id more then likely redrop em and just keep a close eye