A few recent insect problems

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

our plants are growing and doing well, but with only a few recent insect problems, I just yesterday , for the first time , sprayed with Neem oil to control the damage, our overall healthy plants are just showing signs of flowering, we are located outside of Boston Massachusetts, can you please review our photographs and if possibly, identify the insects and a possible control method, thank you,

I see no noticable damage. Join us here and upload somemore photos. Amazing site with a plethora of knowledgeable people. Would love to help you out. Also what strain id that?! The colors are beautiful

That’s crazy I thought that was bud rot at first.


Agreed with the bud rot. I live in South Central MA. So wet from rain and high humidity the last month allot of my outdoor growing friends moved their plants indoors. Almost all my veggie plants are rotting.
I moved mine indoors a few months ago. Too many pests!

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