A few questions on leaves around the buds and stems

First time growing MMJ and I got through Vege and now its on 5th week of flowering.

Anyway, a couple of questions -

First Question: Attached photo marked as (1)
I noticed some new leaves around the flower.
I really not sure it is new leaves or It looks like leaves and it is call something else. It doesn’t look like the normal 5-9 fingers like the rest of the MJ’s leaves. Anyway, these leaves are curved down.
Is this normal? Since I haven’t gone through growing MMJ its entire cycle, I do not know if this is something to worry about it or not.

Second Question: (photo marked as (2)
The Leaves just below the cluster of the buds, there are a few normal leaves (5-9 finger leaves). These leaves’ stems are somewhat purplish. I am not sure why only the couple of them looks purple color and not other leaves.

Note: I am using same nuts, the same amount of water, same time - all the same treatment and care on all my 5 plants. So far, I am lucky that there are NO bugs, mildews, Nuts burn, etc. All 5 plants doing well so far…A lot of flowers and I don’t want to ruin if these are something that I need to pay attention!

Pictures (1) and (2) questions:

Overall this is how it looks


Right on on your first grow
I cannot see your photos but sounds like they are growing normal
Can you try to upload the pics again so I don’t give bad info?


I upload again and I think it is showing now.
Thank you!

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I think they look pretty good
But lets tag in some other growers


Thanks for the tag, @Growit.

A phosphorus deficiency will turn the stems purple, but it’s nothing to worry about at this stage because the plant is starting to eat itself. You might want to up your nutes just a little since you’re not that close to harvest yet.

Those single leaves are completely normal. They are bud leaves that will stick out once the buds fill in. Eventually, you will trim them off after harvest.


yep everything looks good @THCCBD nothing worth being concerned with really. The far away shot is looking really good.


Big Thanks to @raustin, @Growit, @Covertgrower, @MattyBear for quick answers. It’s comforting to know that all looks ok to you, experienced growers!


Doesn’t look too concerning to me. Like @raustin said, up the feed a little because purple stems is an indication of either a phosphorus deficiency or just plant genetics. The single leaves are “sugar” leaves and normal to see once in flower.


No sweat glad we were able to help
Keep us posted on progress looking good and happy growing


Hey man not trying to hijack your thread but just having a few questions that you might be able to help me on. I took a few cuttings from my outdoor plan and stuck it in my grow tent to re fruit and veg but most of the leaves only have one to three blades. Is this normal? Seeing I’m a new member it won’t allow me to post pictures yet so sorry for the inconvenience.

I want to help you so much but I am still so new to growing cannabis so I don’t have any ideas .
maybe other members with more experience can help your issues. hang in there.
I have one plant that I clone and it has only 3 blades (fingers) and I’m wondering about what is going on with that also. But I want to give a few more days before I ask others to take a look.

Clones, especially if they are revegged, do this sometimes. Sometimes they start growing leaves with normal amounts of fan blades later on and sometimes they don’t. Plant is still healthy as long as the leaves look healthy.