A few questions about the grow

A question from a fellow grower:

“Any help you and your team could give me would be much appreciated.
1,is it possible to grow plants in a mixture of coco coir and reduced peat compost with clay pebbles.
2,is it imperative to use nutrients or can the compost and water be enough to last full cycle.
3,what kind of spacing do mature plants need.
4,any help you can give would be helpful.
5,I find your seeds are amazing and germinate better when planted as I have proof​:joy::rofl::rofl::joy:
6,will certainly be buying more from you in future fruit mix if still available.:star_struck:

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  1. Idk, you probably can
  2. Dep3nding on your soil u can complete an entire grow with just soil and water, yes.
  3. One plant usually needs at least 4 square feet
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  1. Idk either. Should be fine… id add perlite in that as well.

  2. If the medium (soil, coco, etc) is correctly amended yes its possible. But id buy it already made up as a new grower. Check out ‘Kind’ soil, and there are a few ‘living soils’ available. Coco and compost? Doesnt sound like ull have what u need.

  3. 4 sq ft is alot. U can get away with 2 square feet easy indoor. Per plant at least.

  4. I HIGHLY recommend joining the site. Tons of excellent info and great growers around here. And we love new family.

  5. ILGM has EXCELLENT, stable genetics. Some of the best ive seen. Its crazy how reliable a few of their phenos are.

  6. Do it!!! Buy them lol

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