A few questions about revegging

Hey guys… I was sitting, back burning one down and doing some grow related brain storming. I got a gg photo, freshly harvested. I had two seeds overall. One being the latter. With some highly sought after traits. Resistant of almost everything, including goofs. High resin production, smell, look, smoke, etc. The other seed, damped off. So I harvested with the intent of a re veg to grab clones. My questions are…

  1. Will the larfy buds that I left on stress enough to herm, and produce seeds because of the light change?
  2. what is the most productive light cycle to induce revegging?
  3. whats the minimum length of veg before I flip again? Is it better to veg longer to let the plant rebuild its strength?
  4. Could I flip it back to 12/12 as soon as she shows new growth? And let the flower stretch fill my screen, taking clones from the lollipop action?
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PUT her under 24 hrs of light wit a light veg feeding

Thank you. I have some seedlings going also that have just started with nutes. Should that light of a mix be sufficient?