A few questions about flowering (indoor)

all of my questions are about flowering period for 10 master kush plants with 2 600hps in a 2.5x2.5 grow room so let s go
1st) does humidity have to be 40-45% 24h a day ?
2nd)preferable temps for day and night?
3d)are these numbers standard for all 9 weeks?
4th)what yield should i expect per plant (in grams) using grow booster nutrients?only1 out of 10 is topped(still experimenting)
5th)when harvest time comes should i dry them inside the grow room with lights on or off and what temp/hum levels apply for these 10-14 days?

1.) No, actually your humidity should look more something like this:

First weeks of veg: 60%
Flowering Week 1: 55%
Flowering Week 2: 50%
Flowering Week 3: 50%
Flowering Week 4: 50%
Flowering Week 5: 50%
Flowering Week 6: 45%
Flowering Week 7: 45%
Flowering Week 8: 40%
Flowering Week 9: 40%

It will be slightly different from day to night (lights on/lights off) but it shouldn’t be much different, having slightly drier at night promotes better hygienic conditions, less moisture for mold or mildew. And these numbers are actually for lights on, as it is important because it is involved with how the plants transpire and they don’t really do much transpiring in the dark.

2.)About 70-80F is best indoors, about 75F is close to ideal, and night temps shouldn’t get much lower than about 10 degrees lower than day temps, to avoid stress in the plants.

3.)Temps are pretty standard, but the last few weeks of flower can benefit from a dropping temperature more towards 70*F. I gave you a rough idea of how you can drop your humidity slowly for best plant growth vs. less chances of bud rot, mold or mildew at the end of flower.

4.)Since you are a newer grower, the yields you will get will be highly variable. As for the master kush strain, there should be a estimated yield per square meter or something like that from the breeder. I’d assume you should be able to get at least half that estimate and much better, assuming nothing goes drastically wrong. Also, I’ve often heard a half gram per watt is a good estimate for new growers.

5.)Always dry/cure in the dark. Temps should be moderate, about 70-80F, higher temps mean higher humidity to keep them from drying out, but the cure itself could then be shorter if you have warmer slow drying conditions. The warmer temps help break down the chlorophyll faster, which is the reason for the dark and part of the whole point of curing, getting the chlorophyll green hay/grass taste out of the bud, also the chlorophyll is part of the main thing that makes it so harsh or your mouth feel like crud after smoking. A temp around 70F or a little lower and a humidity of about 50% would probably work well for you.

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thank you so much!!!

I like that MacG. Going to GrowFAQs! :slight_smile:

2 days before the end of 6th week and i wonder if they are doing ok.
room temp-26.3 C day 18.3 C at night humidity 48-50% day 68-70% night.
i started the transition from bloom to thc booster today,fed them with 5ml each.
any more tips i should use at this stage MacG?

It looks good. I don’t see anything that sticks out. Thanks for sharing those beautiful pics!

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many thanks man!all this happened because of YOU!i wanted you to know that,you helped me save them when they were about to die and following your advises i managed to bring them at this stage and i am gratefull for that!i know it s too early yet but i would appreciate if you have a video to suggest that talks about the right time to harvest.should i check them if they are ready when week 9 comes?earlier or later than that?
i do not have a trichome scope or anything like that,i just want a simple video if possible that expalins in simple words how we know that our plants are ready to harvest.
once again thank you so much!!

in simple words,…get a scope.
looking at trichomes is the only way to be accurate.
and you cant view them without a scope.

heres cheap one

at your current stage:
trichomes will be clear.

as they mature, trichomes will become cloudy/milky.

most people harvest at that point. some let it go from cloudy to amber.

this is from guide here on site: http://www.ilovegrowingmarijuana.com/harvesting-drying-curing-indoor-marijuana-plants/
“Besides the color of the pistils, examining the resin on your flowering plants is probably the best way to know if they’re ready for harvest. You will notice that the glands covered in resin become enlarged when the plant is mature, and they will also start to swell and look deformed. The resin will darken from transparent to opaque amber as it becomes more mature. When the resin is still sticky and transparent, the plant is ready to be harvest. Once that resin darkens and becomes more amber-hued, you should make sure to harvest quickly because the plant will go through a deterioration of active ingredients.”

that article refers to trichomes as “resin”. Pistils are the white hairs.
im at about the same stage as you. still a couple weeks before ready.

good luck

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i see.thank you!
will this do the work instead?it s faster for me to get it.

enter link description here

any kind of scope…that lets you magnify the trichomes, will do.

ok thanks!