A few brown leaf tips

as seen…four of them. I’m growing, first grow: one each of the ILGM Super Mix varieties, in 5-gallon cloth pots, and I have to move them around to get as much sun as possible. It works out to about 5-6 hours a day, if that.

Per @Newt’s recommendation, I considered the start of flowering as Week five, and have been carefully following the FF nute chart, but just with their three main nutes, Grow Big, Big Bloom, and Tiger Bloom. This is near the end of Week Eight. Also did a thorough flush with Sledgehammer, and will be adding Cha Ching into the mix next week.

So these four brown tips just showed up, on a mature leaf, on one plant. Should I be concerned? If so, what do?


Pretty typical and no need to worry, based on the picture. It would be good to see the whole plant/plants.

You might also want to run some Beastie Bloomz for the P and K.


ok, just took these. all three, and one budlet from each.


Plants are doing fine IMO.