A Disastrous situation resulting in lesson learned!

@MattyBear has some journals going that show photos can have a faster turnaround than autos as well. Absolutely beautiful plants in this, and his last, run.


This is why I have done auto’s also. It would be great to have all the time in the world to train and position the plant, like with photos.

I want an AC Infinity tent, love the gear they make.


So i have another issue, my tent is in a south side room of the house… it stays the warmest of them all…my question is how do i keep the humidity down in the tent… i have a humidifier attached to a hose going into tent which is set at 50%., i have a small dehumidifier in the tent, an air intake vent, the online fan vented outside of tent into room which is also filtered …my humidity is in the 60s, temp around 80… i also have a dehumidifier in the room adjusted to 50%…temp in room is around 74…i havent a clue what’s going on… the plants are about 91/2 weeks…they are stretching flowering … light is at 100 %, 18inches from canopy highest it will go. I do not have photos as i am at work, i should have taken them when i was there earlier… the plants seem fine, my issue is the humidity is that a reason for concern?

A lot of the YouTube producers of cannabis content (and elsewhere as well) will simply do whatever it takes to get maximum views. I’m sure gets frustrating for newer growers. When you try to find scientifically credible research on the “bro science,” you can’t. Bugbee is about as real as it gets.


This is a good thing.

Good for veg even 65% RH in veg is good. Flowering it can become an issue but even that if managed by good air movement and exchange.

Inside the tent may be generating some heat depends on the de humidifier.
If your dehumidifier is set at 50% and your humidifier is at 50% they are fighting eachother alot. Have humidity turn on at 50% and off at 60% then have dehumidifier run at 65% off at 60% (values change during flowering) you can look into VPD to dial ranges in.

This is pretty standard hanging height 18-24 inches. Look into D.L.I to dial in further.

If you vent the air your trying to get rid of into the room your tent pulls its air from your not really getting rid of the unwanted air. Instead you are recycling it. I vent my tent out of the window. I bought an portable ac exhaust kit for my window, works great.

Mine too! Couple things to help. 1) insilate between the walls and your tent. I jury rigged this from foldable furnitute I have lying around I imagine pillows or even hanging a comforter on the wall would help some. 2) make your lights out period from sun up till noon. This way the sun isnt directly on the room when the lights are heating up the tent. 3) mount the driver for your light outside your tent. See pics bellow

You gotta fix that :100: %

Lastly, dont panic! Pot grows in the hindu kush, it will grow in your tent. I know plenty who outside grow in AZ summers during monsoon season, it will grow in your tent. A few hours here or there in extremes will be ok. Marijuana is tuff.


Ok, so here i am at 10 weeks tomorrow, i have figured out my humidity issue, i hope anyway… i have open both vents side of tent, now have two more fans on floor of tent… i am certain they are flowering, the shorter bushier plant on the left is doing better than the tall skinny one… so for sure next growing, all plants will be Fimmed. …
So here are the photos of these plant’s now in flowering stage…

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Ok sir, here we go again… these are definitely photos… at week 10 I switched to a 12/12 cycle 100% intensity 200watt led full spectrum. They are currently 17 inches from canopy… Temp 81°f Hum 62% and VPD is 1.34kpa.

13th week growth from seed. Looking pretty good in my eye’s, what about everyone else… .
Here are some closer photos…left plant next two and one one right

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They’re looking real good. Did you decide to keep them inside?

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Yes sir… thought why introduce god knows what to them bugs,etc…
So yes… i suppose they are 3 weeks into flower…

Have no idea, learning though…
When these might be done…

I will continue showing photos again few days or so…

I do appreciate everyone’s help…

Made ann error earlier as well, I looked at the calendar to make sure… and sure nough…13 weeks is when I flipped the lights…a couple weeks late, suppose it might got a little more veg in…

Being you have Bruce banner it will be about another 8 weeks still before they’re ready.

Damn, really!

So let me get this straight… at this site, when buying seeds… it states 9 to 10 weeks flower, does that mean seed to harvest or literally takes 10 weeks to flower … i really don’t understand that?

That is flower time. Veg time is determined by the grower unless you’re growing an auto.