A deficiency of some sort I Think

Having a problem with my white widow seems like it’s a deficiency of some sort upper leaf tip drooping. soil pH is like 3 thank you for looking at it any ideals would help

If soil is 3 pH then you have a major problem. Its ideal around 6.5 pH going in depending on what soil you are using. This is easily corrected. :+1::+1::+1:

Maybe lockout due to low pH.

Yeah you want your pH to be around 6.5 in soil. Are you testing your input water pH? How are you doing your soil pH test? Also, what are you feeding?

@MrPeat Thanks for the reply that soil is FoxFarm and Calf Hot soil that came with my grow kit this is my first grow

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@Dankloud thanks for the reply thesting the ph and falls in at 5.4to 5.6 and testing the soil with three in one light moisture and pH it in the Veg and I’m feeding Bergman’s Growtime Fertilizer

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These meters aren’t accurate enough in most cases. They just give you a vague idea.

Collect soil add distilled water. 50/50 mix. Shake/stir very well. Let sit for an hour test with a proper pH meter.


@Low thanks for the reply I’m going to start this now

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Like the Apera or Blue Lab pH meter. I think its called Blue Lab.

I use a Apera one.


@SomeWhereVA like @Low said, those soil pH meters aren’t reliable. And @MrPeat git you on the right track. You should try and get a pH pen from Apera or Blue Lab. I personally use an Apera PC60, it does pH, EC, TDS, and some other stuff, all in one unit. You should ultimately have a good pH meter and EC/TDS meter.

EC (measured in seimens) and TDS (measured in ppm) are both ways to measure the amount of solids in a liquid. This is useful for feeding and troubleshooting your plants.


@Low @Dankloud @MrPeat

I want to thank everyone for the information and support!

I got a new set of lights to help with the overheating in the tent, this will be the 3ed set. the Lights that came with the tent and grow kit would put the temps around 92 to 93 degrees and when i turn on the fans to extract some of the heat, then the RH would drop to around 40% the temps would drop to 80 degrees

then I got the SPIDER FARMER SF-1000 and it showed me what it should be like to to have some control over the climate in the tent but it’s to small of light area

Then I saw a Video on YouTube by Justintime about the SAYHON SH2000 and the price was in the right range and the specs looked good and it was the same size tent (2’7" X 2’7" X 60")

Wish me luck and Thanks again

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