A day in the life of WWA


These are from an ILGM order from October of last year. I have since kept them in a cool dry place with silica packets to keep moisture out. I do not have the order number handy. I have dropped a WWA from ILGM in a shot glass of water and we will check on her in 24hrs. Here is a picture

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here’s to a healthy grow and bountiful harvest! @AmnesiaHaze


I have some WWA that I orderd from here…going to be dropping them in water in the next week or so…hope you have a great grow☺ …could you tag me …


@AmnesiaHaze… no doubt you’ll get a tail. All mine did… within the 2nd day. I love amnesia haze, lookin forward to a plentiful grow. Happy growing :grimacing::seedling::v:


I’m watching this topic, @AmnesiaHaze and I hope those take off beautifully. Autoflowers are still much of a curiosity for me. I probably should just break down and get some. Lol


@AmnesiaHaze You will get a tail. The seeds from ILGM are the healthiest I have seen. The ones I have tried have popped in 12 hours. I keep em in the glass then at 12 hours move em to the paper towel. Now I use half water and half h202 in both glass and paper towel. Keeps em plenty of O2 that way.


Well this morning was 12 hours soaked in water and I found the baby WWA on the bottom of the shot glass, it’s time for wet paper towel!!


So first I wet a paper towel and ring it out so it is damp. I then place seed on it and fold it up. I then place inside zip lock bag, and I drop a few drops of water in it. (Ph 6.5)

Also I exhale a little bit into the bag so I know there is some sort of air inside of it for the root to oxygenate, so the bag becomes almost puffy. Then I wrap it all up in a small towel, and place back on the cable box


I guess I am just a odd one in that when they sink I place right into medium and don’t wait for them to crack :wink:


That doesn’t make you odd! @Donaldj


@AmnesiaHaze - god you are great at taking a really good pic …so clear and focused!


Haha thank you @Kapelady it’s just my 12megapixel wide angled camera, it has a focus feature. I hope it doesn’t show me on google maps :joy: How do I know if my pictures show location or not? Lmao? I’m on my iPhone 7+plus :joy::+1:


@AmnesiaHaze by default, yes the metadata (aka EXIF) on cell pics includes gps info. There are apps that will show you and let you edit your EXIF data

To turn this off in iOS- open settings > privacy > location services. You’ll see a list of apps and their level of usage. The options for each are always, when using, or never. You’ll be a little shocked at what you find there. Some apps, when installed, give themselves access to your every move.

Anyway, changing that setting for your camera only applies to pictures taken from then on. Previous pics still have it. Another thing to note about iOS pics… be careful of what ends up public on iCloud.

Sorry Android users, I’m sure there’s a similar mechanism and solution for your stuff too. I’m an iPhone & iPad nerd and don’t know the details.


We have a tap root ladies and gents!! Woohoo!


@AmnesiaHaze a very nice root!


@muffybunny just so you know, when you upload photos here, all meta data is stripped from them by the site. Well, at least anything data that might identify you.


@cyberblast that rocks! So many reasons to love this site.


@Leyank86 saw your struggle with germ. Check out the read


Thanks! I have done the same thing but no sprout. They are in the soil now. Hoping to see some growth soon… I’ll give an update when something happens


I wish you the best of luck, I have had 100% succes so far…! @Leyank86