A couple yellow leaves at 10 weeks

Just wondering if these look normal. I read some old posts in the search on this and still wasn’t sure. My plants are 10 weeks old. Look great I think, but in the last couple days a few fan leaves on the bottom have begun yellowing. The soil ph is about 7.5. I added a teaspoon of sulfur along with a thin layer of worm castings yesterday and watered them in. Hoped that the sulfur would bring down the ph a little. Really want to make sure i am good with all the buds getting ready. It is my first grow so really don’t want to mess up this far along. Any advice would b appreciated. The two plants in question are auto Jack Herer

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I actually have one of these going. Mine did the same thing. When these or photo plants go into flower it’s a drain on nitrogen and the plant will get it where it can (ie older fan leaves). That doesn’t mean give it a bunch more N. You can supplement with a worm casting tea ,faster acting than top dressing but not as strong or lasting. Top dressing takes longer to effect the plant.
I’d trim off some of those leaves close to the dirt in your pot. Makes it easier to water and less chance for disease. I learned that the hard way.
Good luck with your grow


Your auto is going into flower…time to give nutes with lots of phosphorus.

Thanks so much Squatch, just wanted to check to make sure i hadn’t screwed something up. Will def have to remember the tea option for my next grow and will trim those lowers this afternoon.

Will do Tan, I actually picked up some bloom food that has good phosphorus in it. Will feed again Sunday. Ready to see all the buds gettin bigger!