A couple of questions


Questions from a fellow grower:

I guess really what it boils down to is, what would you do in my situation? And will using nutrients in veg and but none for flowering have any negative effects? Could I clone without some sort of root booster? It a been a few years sence my last crop AMD im alittle rusty. I had supernatural nutrients for years when I used to grow, and now im down to one single plant, though healthy, I have alot of questions. Btw for my question about not using nutrients in the flowering stage, im using b-52, and sensi a&b from advanced nutrients, thanks again for your time


My issue in that I had a partner tbat had 99% of the crop(with all our strains and mother plant) he quit, I have nutrient for flowering but am down to a single trainwreck!


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Thanks for all the information squishy! Amd yes cost is my concern, my pregnant fiancee dowsmr have income and were not even scraping by i owe more rhen i make. So your advice on this would be very much appreciated!


Root Booster is amazing, I know you dont have to use it but wow when you do.
I have only just started using it as I have always a non believer when it comes to the tide of additives every one is pedaling but when I used it at 2.5ml per 4L in on the veggie seedlings and clones I was amazed I will try get you some picks to show the difference.
I only treated half my little ones as a test and on the untreated I had normal big roots like strings heading down the the water but the treated ones were vivid white fat hairy roots coming out of every where on the net cup not just the bottom like im used too with each root looking really fuzzy.
I was impressed any ways :slight_smile:


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this is 9 days this is 19 days. i use a bubbler i made 6 @ 4" stones and B52, peroxide,and a little rootone in the water for 4 days then dumpit and use B52 and peroxide …Hammer


The cat ate mrs trainwrecks first big leaves but there was still some good ones frowing here it is now!