A Couple of Questions on RO Systems

I got tired of chasing distilled all over town and sprung for an RO system.

Do y’all mount yours undersink, or do you have a mobile cart that you can hook up and put away?

The maintenance (cartridge replacement) is time based. As we use more water than an ordinary household would, is there a recommended cartridge replacement interval for gardeners?


I have a utility room so I just mounted above sink. Fast easy hook up and disconnect. Probably doesn’t look great, but since it is a utility room alls good. I haven’t really thought about cartridge replacement yet. I’m assuming when ppm’s start going up it’ll be time to replace. Only use it for watering plants.


Are you still using this RO buddy? How do you like it?

I wish I would’ve seen this 7 months ago. My RO/DI unit consists of a sediment filter, carbon filter, and a color changing DI resin, color changes as it gets depleted, all are in clear housings.

I have the RO Buddy system as well, and it works great. Our tap water’s PPM’s run between 5-700 and a little higher sometimes.