A couple of my plants have small leaves

hey fam bam, here is an update on them…

the plants totally recovered from that (lol i guess i was just trippin)

i water these plants with (in picture at the bottom right) a dropper. It’s a big (1 ounce) suction tube… i probably give them, .75oz of water in the AM, and then .75oz at night, with just a dash of voodoo juice mixed into a 1 gallon container of water. This container lasts me about 5 days or so.(what its seems like)… and then i put another gallon of water in, and then drop in the tiniest amount of voodoo juice.

The fan in there is now too big without touching the plants… will rotate but i need a better solution

just wanted to let you know that they recovered from my torture… theyre happy… lookin good.

probably less than a couple months away from turning them to 12/12 …
24/0 600w viprasara or w/e in a 4’x2’x6’height

let me know what i can do better

edit forgot to add the pics lol:

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