A couple of my plants have small leaves


These two Strawberry Kush plants look very different!

One of them has big leaves, and the other has small.

I didn’t mix up any seeds & have been tracking them from pellet to starter cup / starter pot…

The differences to me are… the one with big leaves is in an actual starter pot, without a peat pellet.
The one with small leaves is in a solo cup, with probably some clogged drainage & I used a peat pellet.

Some food for thought… I have four plants im speaking of… 3 of them have TINY leaves (all in starter cups and peat pellets)…
and one healthy leaf’d plant… (reminder, 2 of them are strawberry kush, and one strawberry kush looks how I feel all the plants should)

both strawberry kush

thanks :slight_smile:

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I don’t know what your lighting situation is, but it looks like your smaller plant has ‘stretched’ upwards to get closer to the light. That could cause it to look like that, it could also have to do with your medium and like you had mentioned your container. Depending on how tall that smaller plant is, it could be rootbound.


thanks for the reply!

Light system, size? = 600w Viparspectra LED … I have two of these but I’ve only been using one… the plants are ~37 days

It looks as if you may have gotten the smaller one from seed, you can see the seedling leaves on there still. It could very well be that you have two different strains.

The lighting and everything else aside I don’t know if those are the same strain ? …I mean just look at them!

Don’t know what to make of this one but I’m going to follow along thanks for bringing it to everyone’s attention!


id also like to add that im a newb, so i possibly did something wrong along the way… which is why they look different.

maybe i got lucky with one of the strawberry kush and thats why it looks boomin compared to the others

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Well that was my other thought, I was wondering if you pruned that skinny one or something?

… or did you have a big Leaf Drop for some reason, over-watering or something?

And I know you said you’re sure but hell I think the best of us mix up plants, clones or seeds once in awhile I’m not saying you did but I know I have, hell I just did it recently, Harvested a whole plant or two but no idea what it is, just know it’s one of three skunks strains ?


That’s funny @Paranorman ,I have two plants growing ATM ,that I don’t what they are , some how they got mixed up as seedlings and now all I can do is wait and see, I know there one of the 4 I put down , two died or didn’t pop can’t remember now .


The one you same is booming in the starter pot has spots on it’s leafs and may come back to haunt you. If they are seeds no 2 are exactly the same since most are hybrids one is showing Indica traits and other Sativa and when I look at the smaller one I see tight node spacing so I wouldn’t say either plant is a leader in the race yet

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So yeah, I made absolute sure that I did not mix up the seeds =)

and yes the smaller one is trimmed, while the larger one hasnt been touched-

but the leaves were all very small compared to the other one… i think i messed up a little in the beginning with dropping the PH too low, and then giving it nutrients…

I’ll keep you all updated with the growth and we’ll see how they turn out !

I would certainly get the smaller one out of the cup as it looks healthy and would proly Love some breathing room

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Hey, yeah I believe youre right about the breathing room- today, I upgraded their homes =)


Theyre gonna Love it !!

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haha i hope so! will keep ya updated

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Yeah definetly , I’m watching this one !!

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Well there’s your problem right there!

I had four cheese clones from the same mother, two of them were exactly the same as the mother but two of them grew at least a foot taller with basically one kola and a thin, wide ribbon-like stem and they finished weeks ahead of the other two?

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well even before i trimmed it, it was small and what i trimmed off were small dying leaves…

i think i made most of my plants sick… for now im going to be using only water… i’ll be shelfing my nutes until they look better.

i see plants the same age as mine on here, that dont have a flaw in them- while mine looked like theyve been to hell and back

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I would plant them into their final pots (at least 3 gallon size) water them well and leave them alone for a while, if you keep your pH at 6.5 I think they should come back

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Placed in larger pots, soaked down, haven’t been watered since.

soils still a bit damp this morning, humidifier has been off, stayed about 32% humidity

i was considering giving them a dixie cup of water this morning, but the top of the soil is rather cold-

im going to let them dry a bit more. theyve been on 24/0 since seed, from CPF, to LED

didnt take a pic of the transplanting, but none of them were rootbound, in fact… i think they were perfect timing to plant… the roots were all over the place but not chunky, it was a pleasant sight- should have taken a pic but it was one of those crunch moments as a beginner.

Glad I could help! :slight_smile:

So if I was right about that I really wish you’d consider my suggestions about not watering them anymore right now ?

When I transplant I raise the light a little for 24 hours, and I don’t water them until they become mostly dry

  • Best of luck!