A couple of leaves have curled up in the last few hours

Is this from heat stress? She is 21 days old, Acapulco Gold. She has 5 nodes going on 6.
I am getting ready to main line her. She will get her second light feeding tomorrow morning.

What medium are u in. What nutes u run.

I’m using Pro mix BX, I fed it this morning with New Earth Smart Tea and New Earth Custom Grow, both at half strength. This afternoon when I got home it was looking like a champ, so I went ahead and topped it. Thanks for your time Mark…Dino

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TOOO many NUTES…likely from most recent change in what worked. The new stuff you pumped into it.
Suggest you flush the flush some more…before all leaves curl and croak.

Thanks tanlover, but it actually got better after I fed it, I took this picture a few minutes ago. IMG_0822 (002)

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yes, that looks better