A couple of defoliation questions

Still a couple of noobs with a few grows under our belt.

We currently have two photos: ILGM Girl Scout Cookies Extreme on the left & ILGM Gorilla Glue on the right, exactly 56 days (8 weeks) from pop

From the top:

Both in 5 gallon bags, HLG 260 XL, custom build 2x3 tent. Topped at 4 weeks, LST’d four days later. Scrogged about a week ago. Minor defoliation last week to clear out some lower growth.

Question about further topping and defoliation: should we be concentrating on creating a canopy that is as flat as possible? There are four branches on the GSCE - the apical ones that we’ve pushed out to the corners - should we top those now to level the playing field?

Also, when we do our next defo, should we clear out everything below the scrog? And when would that happen - a few weeks into flower?

Thanks, all!


Nice lookong canopy now. Id just level it off and flip it and let her do her thang til defol days. Prolly gonna be a nice full.scrog there. Im just starting a second scrog i totally jaced the first one leaving my loght too close and the plant not stretching like it should have. She stayed low and the buds bulked up super good. Got just under a lb off her in a 4x4 scrog almost full but no stretch lol. Lets get some scroggers here. @kaptain3d @Hellraiser @Not2SureYet @Nicky @AfgVet

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Take a look here :

@imSICKkid introduced a lot of us to his methods…



They look good. You are past being able to use it as a true scrog. You don’t really have any room left to grow so you can tuck much. @imSICKkid has his set up as a trellis net to keep the branches from falling. This is one I have going. I still have a couple more weeks to get the plant to spread out and fill most of the scrog. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks, guys.

It seems like defoliating/lollipopping in the 3rd week of flower is pretty standard. I’ll go with that, in about a month. In the meanwhile, I’ll continue to nip/tuck where necessary.

@Not2SureYet, I think I have scrog envy! Love the resourcefulness. Reminds me of the first one I built w/PVC. But with two larger plants this time around, it would have been a bit unwieldy, so we went for a pre-fab cheapy netting from the local hardware store. But getting it tight enough is a chore. I like your choice of hooks - maybe I’ll try those if I need a top scrog, to keep my hopefully massive colas from tipping over!

@Mark0427, that’s interesting how a lower hanging light seems to have prevented your stretch, but really bulked up your buds. I’m still getting the hang of our new, dimmable HLG light. We have it about 2.5 feet above at about half power. The PAR readings vary between 550 and 750 (dead center), if my Photone app on my phone can be trusted. That’s a bit higher than recommended, but we haven’t seen any ill effects. Hoping it will bulk up our buds like yours!

Thanks for the video link, @kaptain3d. Great information there - extremely helpful.

Thanks all!


I remove everything blow the screen when I flip to flower. Everyday I pull a leaf or two that’s blocking a bud site. Then defol as per the video that @kaptain3d poated

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Good to know, @AfgVet. Thanks for the tip.

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Sure thing. I’ll tag you into my scrog grow, might be something you can get out of it

Cool! Thanks.