A couple amber trichomes?

I think I am into the cloudy trichomes, and this one is an Indica, Blueberry Kush, so I’m pretty much ready to cut right?

Since I’m going to use it to fall asleep faster, (not kidding) can I just grow it longer? I usually only smoke Sativa.

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Way too many white pistols, couple more weeks, looking great though man, keep up the good work. :smiley:


Ya, my predicted harvest date was 05/10. Sounds about right.


If for sleep i would run it longer. I harvest 90/10 or so cloudy for stoned. All my meds i go long. Sedative. I hardly smoke anymore so most goes long.


@spacey , since you say sleep meds, No chop! Even for speedy highs, No! You still have some clear trichomes in there. In the weeksss to come the buds get fatter. Feed them. Amber on buds counts not early amber on leaves. When bud amber reaches 25-50%, you can rest easy, then chop. Beware EHS (Early Harvest Syndrome).
Looking marvelous!


Thanks, I will wait.

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Good! You’ll probably see it start to yellow on some of the leave as it try’s to get nutrients from itself. Most all pistils will have turned rusty and curled inward. It will look done!

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