A bulb question and second opinion please

Not to sure about this one looks like nitrogen deficiency but they are getting the nutrients they need could it be my bulb is done it’s on its third grow?

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How close to the bulb are you?

Im still a noob at grows, but from the issues i had at the start (and there were many!)

I find most of the issues come from nutes being off or the PH being off - assuming your temperature/light/humidity isn’t TERRIBLE.


Welcome ! I would start by water to runoff and check pH and PPM and make adjustments accordingly. I see slight nute burn on the tips of the leafs . Also leafs clawing down. Good luck


I’m thinking maybe my ph metre could be dodgy I’ll figure it out lol

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Doesn’t look like a light problem to me. Get you a fresh clean bottle of 7 pH solution and verify your pH meter. Just my thoughts .

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I like to keep a backup ph drop test kit , just in case


I gotta go with kellydans and say check ya ppms.
Slight tip burn and leaves clawing down usually mean nitrogen is high.
I’m no pro grower tho just what I have seen and experienced myself.
Had a mother clawing like that and my ppm was way to high to much N.
Hope you get it figured out and GL.