A budget grow for no reason

11 days up.


Now it starts

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Something is started. Could be a huge waste of time lmao

That’s what I thought when I started my bag seed

Especially only having one. I wish I could throw it up in my other tent under the QB’s but they are on 12/12.

I can attest to this.

I will say if it’s a “budget grow” then the best lighting schedule for your money is the gas lantern schedule

I only use 12.5hrs of light in veg and 12 hours of light in flower. Not to many people realize you can keep the plant in veg with just a little over 12hrs of light

My veg schedule works like this

6am-6pm lights on
6pm-12am lights off
12am-12:30 lights on
12:30am-6am lights off
Then it starts all over


My first grow I had 1 seed it was Male 2 grow I killed lesson learned 3 I could not get 10 rainbow kush seeds or 5 blue dream seeds to germ then I found 2 that I kept for some reason planted both 1 ended up being a Male and the other is the one almost done

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Well in the name of efficiency I’ll try it out. I still have 3 days underneath the cfl’s then im going to a 1200w(300 true watts) light and will implement this lighting schedule.

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In flower, just remove the 12am-1230am lights on period

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I will keep them under the CFL until my current is done but I got splitters and can put 2 on each and be good until I can switch stuff around

I have those splitters as well

careful, some indicas can start to flower with 11 hrs of dark.
also… minimum light creates minimum growth,
‘gas lantern’ might look good on the elec. bill, but is it taking longer for veg.???

the most interesting lighting schedule i have seen was 6 on, 2 off schedule,
basically an 18/6 but napping 3 times a day instead of sleeping.!

cannabis loves light, this is why the 24/0 schedule works.!
i m a strong believer in a rest period tho, because they do ‘grow’ at night.!!


Yeah I saw that, little far fetched for my taste but hey, im all about doing your own thing. Im sure whenever I get a few grows under my belt I’ll try some off the wall ideas.


13 days old. Its got roots all along the bottom holes of the cup. Tomorrow is last day @ 24hr cfl’s. Then putting the LED in, still planning on doing what what TDub suggested for lighting schedule. :call_me_hand:


Went under the LED today and soil was bone dry. Watered with 6.5 ph 254ppm tap water. :call_me_hand:

She needs to be fed. If you are planning to transplant into hotter soil I’d do it now. Because she’s starting to eat her leaves.


Yeah im getting that in order right now. I haven’t looked at the plant in 2 days. Been jackin with my big tent and forgot it haha it is going in ffof but all I have is a 5gal bag. Didn’t really wanna go to 5 so soon but oh well

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Is that the auto

Well I don’t do soil. But if I did (hopefully try outdoor next year) I’d transplant right to their final homes. Just for the fact to me (injured back) I wouldn’t want to transplant a bigger plant. And if it’s an auto you definitely only want to transplant to her final home.

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Its a photo