A bud with a top hat! What is it?

I have a bud on my Skywalker OG feminized that looks like it is wearing a hat. It appears to have multiple hairs growing out of a single pod. Could this be a sign of fox tailing? This bud is in the middle of a branch. Also the upper buds are fox tailing on this plant, but not the Bruce Banner in the same tent.
Picture of top hat 5 days ago

Picture of top hat today, she is changing her hair color.

Another bud on the same plant showing the same thing

Top hat’s plant

I am having trouble deciding whether to harvest the Skywalker tomorrow or wait five more days and do it and the BB at the same time.
What do y’all think?


I say yes it’s the start of a foxtail. Not all foxtails are bad some strains just have them because of their genetics others are brought on by to much light. The way to tell the difference is genetics will have foxtails on the lower buds not just on top


Agree with @MeEasy! As far as harvesting both that depends on the Trichomes :love_you_gesture:


Thanks, kinda what I was thinking.
Good tip about bud location on the plant. Top hat is in the middle of plant. But as you saw all of the upper buds are fox tailing. They did not start doing this until late into bloom cycle.
I have been trying to adjust my lighting in this finishing tent. Knowing that it is genetics is a big help.

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Here an extreme case of Genetic Fox tailing :love_you_gesture: I do get them occasionally when I forget to adjust the light height or intensity.


I ran across this one the other day after Og and I had been talking about foxtails, can’t remember if this is one of mine or if I downloaded it but I think it’s a good picture


On my first couple grows in this tent I had foxing. Not knowing any better, I thought it was an added bonus. It was much like in the pictures that I posted. Small bumps growing out of the tops and the sides of the buds. When the wife would ask how things were going?
I would say “Great baby, we have buds growing out of buds.”
After reading about fox tailing, in an article that suggested it was due to lighting being off. I took it to mean light color, and it was not until later that I learned about the intensity and distance thing. So I switched out the main light from a 130 watt led 4k to a 130 watt 3k.
I am presently using this small 2x3 tent for blooming stage. It has the 130 watt 3,000k led in the ceiling. There are 2 foot 4 tube t5 on each side and the back walls, for a total of 12 tubes. The stage of bloom determines what t5 tubes used. If starting bloom cycle I will mix in 4 veg tubes with the rest bloom 3k tubes. Then every few days change out a veg tube for a bloom, until it is all 3k. Then on week 5 of bloom, I started changing out the bloom tubes for the 10k finishing tubes one at a time, every few days until there was 4 of them to start week 7.
I think these changes maybe in order when the next plants go in.
1 remote mount the main led light’s driver, so I can dim it without dropping the light on the plants.
2 wait a week or so longer to introduce the 10k finishers and maybe a little less of them also.

I forgot to mention earlier that the decision as when to harvest was made by my near empty stash box. The Skywalker is now hanging high to dry.
I have been out of my weed for a couple weeks now. Have been doing the store bought delta8 hemp flower and vape trying to help stretch my remaining stash, “By others.”
Buying on the street sucks. My brother in law picked up a bag from one of his golf buddies. It had big dense buds. But it was very green and taste like green leaves. Burns a black ash and hard to keep lit. It is irritating because every now and then you get that tiny taste of what it could have been. I can’t decide which is worse the non flushed green weed or the D8 crap.

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