A blast from my growing past

I recently found out that my “teacher” passed away from heroine. Honestly I hadn’t talked to him in 2 years because I have been taking care of my mother in law who has “The Mentia and The Altz” , he contacted me a year ago and asked if we could hook up because he missed me (he was also my side piece) and unfortunately I couldn’t because my MIL at that point was getting worse and she couldn’t be left alone (I went to go hit some balls at the driving range and came home to her in the back yard smoking a cigarette with my front door wide open and the dogs chasing the outside cat, who was now inside) so I had to say no. So, here we are today and I am in a funk. I was asked by a friend of mine to put some pics together for the memorial, while I was searching for pics, I came across my first grow, so in my own honor to my teacher and the coolest side piece a girl could of asked for, Here’s to you … I’ll never look at a corn field the same and you will be missed.

TrainWreck, 10 clones gave me 4lbs.


Sorry for your loss, but that was a nice harvest!!!

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@Nug-bug, yeah for my first one ever, heck yeah. As for my loss, thank you but I had too much going on in my own life and I had heard through the friend vine that he was starting to mess up, I send him a few messages every few months to check in on him and everytime I talked to him he would just say I would be disapointed in how he has been acting. I have no room in my life for hard drugs, at that time, I couldn’t believe my MIL was moving into my home, she hates me LOL. And now she is sick, GREAT LOL. So, I had to step back from everything and deal with real life. I am sorry he lost his life to the octopus of the drug, sadly he left behind 2 daughters and a wife. I will always have the memories and his teachings will always be with me, maybe now he can look down on me and hope I am doing a good job in my own grow.


Well sometimes we stray of the path sum make it back ,some unfortunately never make it. Chin up though he ain’t on it now more,and you bet your a$$ he’s watching his girl!!
Keep it green

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@doodlebug sorry for your loss my friend. they are in a much better place now for sure. As for your grow, WOW! you really did have an amazing teacher! that is an amazing crop you had, i can only hope my harvest in about 2 weeks will be somewhat similar. Keep your head up

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Sorry for your loss @doodlebug I’m sure it was tough. I also have lost one of the closest friends I ever met. It’s a sad time, although for myself I celebrate the life, I don’t mourn the death it gives nothing to God

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@doodlebug So Sorry for your loss my friend.

His legacy lives on through your growing… And journals.

With that kind of setup you can honor him through your teachings.

Stay positive

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@doodlebug sorry for your loss. No words can describe what it’s like to lose someone you care about even if it was in the past.

Sweet harvest!

Party on teach. no pain no more.

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Thanks everyone.

So last night I ran into someone who gave me some deeeeelish smoke, but they didn’t know what it was, I played dumb ( they think its funny when I ask them what I am smoking, little do they know Im trying to grow it if I like it LOL) anyway, the taste is very familiar and when I say very familiar, if anyone who is reading this has ever smoked Trainwreck, you know its a taste like no other. With that being said, I find it ironic that I ran into said gifter and was given this to taste ( I was absolutely out, my regular dude was no where to be found, I wasn’t in panic mode but close so my feelers must of been out for some smoke, so while I was getting my hair did, my hairdressers kid (hes 20) text me and says, when you are done I put something in your car, your welcome. Fast forward to the most amazing hair cut and color LOL, I feel sassy. I might be really super high well not anymore, I feel as if I can drive now LOL, but I might be over thinking however in my high brain, I think my teacher wanted to say hello, or is it too early in the death game for spirits? yepp I am stoned LOL cuz im talking crazy. dang I gotta go, I love this site, its like my own set of secret friends my real people don’t know about. I gotta go for reals, going to check out a hydroponic store I found an hour away ( I like when I can touch and ask questions) LOL.


So now we’re your side piece!!! :imp:



Lmfao @FloridaSon good point


LOL I am seriously LOLing, yes I guess you can say that