A bit concerning posting videos on YouTube

I think I read that to post a video you have to put it on YouTube. I’m a little concerned posting my felony(?) size grow setup on YouTube…

Is this the only way?

How “private” can you make it on YouTube?

How can you be sure it is private?


Ain’t nothing private on You Toob.


And I don’t need to be fired or earn a trip to family court…


Do you really wanna show the world that badly, I wouldn’t risk it, wait a year or 2 for the legalization to come through and it will be A LOT safer


Not the world, but I wanted to post a couple things here.

If your serious about doing it and willing to put in the effort to keep a very hard to follow foot print… it can be done… if you are on windows i can help… if not… then google stripping meta data and vpns… and make a throw away email…

windows ten… right click a pic vid etc.
Click properties at the bottom then details tab at the top…
select create a copy with all possible properties removed…
Use the copy to upload…With a vpn if you wanna go that far

And if i have to say it…no faces licens plates street signs yadda yadda

And then use Tor for all of that.

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Amen to that, and that just makes it harder for your average popo, Tor was also compromised long ago by the NWO.

Throw away phones are your best bet brother change em every few months and run a fake email on them. If they track it they only get jo smo the traveling salesman who chunks the phones in the ocean every few months.


Unfortunately pretty much nothing is private anyway lol.

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I would buy a throw away phone and what ever you do don’t access anything that will be invlived with making the video with your ip adress.
Even with a vpn they can still figure it out.’
Like said above I wouldn’t risk nothing you know what I mean :wink:

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Thanks friends.

Not worth the risk

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Exactly🖕 stay safe and have many years of growing and enjoying

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