A better dry will this workout

Im harvesting my white widow today.
Last time i had problems drying.
Now i want to dry her proper this time with good smell.
I have 1 2by3 tent.
I have 1 small dehumidifier.No humidistat or humidity control.
Sometimes its high 60rh
Sometimes its low 40rh
i sit my inline 4inch fan filter combo both outside
Create a sort of negative air being pulled out and smell scrubbed. What will that do for the rh and chance of moldiness?
Will that take care of air circulation?
I cant get an inkbird humidity controller right now or humidifier/dehumidifier on switch.
So this will have to work.
.5 gallon humidifier i notice the humidity getting in the 40s a lot.
Then a small dehumidifier to lower from 60 if it gets up there. Thoughts.

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The most effective conditions are temps in the high 60s and RH at ~60% for a 7 to 10 day dry cycle.

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I cant get away with lower than 70 to 77 degrees.

@nosaj, I have a tent in my basement for drying (3x3) much like you’re thinking. When I put the wet buds in there, my humidity increases about 10%. But my basement stays around 60F, 50%rh, right now anyway, so it works out perfectly. If I need the RH to come down, I can increase the fan speed on the exhaust. I don’t do anything to raise RH besides hanging the wet buds in there.

I average 2-3 weeks dry time in there depending on the size and density of the buds.

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I have 32x32 x60 tent in the basement my current temperature with 2 lights is about 77 degrees with all vents open house AC on 70 RH 42 and thats with wet hand towel i am about 3 to 4 weeks from harvest can i dry in them conditions when lights out tent falls to about 68 degrees. Have 6 inline fan and a 8 inch clip on fan running.

What do you set your exhaust on and im going to assume theres a filter on the end of your inline fan?
My rh in my basement area stays about 50-55 rh
natural. So when i put in my plant thatll go up to roughly 60-65rh.
Right now temp is 68 to 78f
Do you think thatll be a pretty good window?
Do you think the exhaust fan is the only one needed?

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Like i said lately 55rh
68 to 73 degrees farheinheit.
This is my 2nd dry so im nervous.
For humidity whats the low and high before panic.
Temperature too.
All though ill try and balance current climate

I’d just try to set it where the humidity stays 60 or below (risk of mold above 60, below 40 the buds are going to dry too fast). But at least at like 1-2 (out of 10) to maintain the negative pressure so the odor doesn’t escape. Yes carbon filter on the exhaust, no circulation fans, I can feel it pulling in air through the bottom flaps and I feel like that’s enough, for my setup anyway. For a larger tent an extra fan might be needed.

If you can set it in a corner or something, close to the walls, you might be able to drop the temp a few degrees inside the tent.

Plus slightly open the flap to open up fresh air intake.
The low and high safely on temp in farheinheit too? The reasons why cause man you been most informative :ok_hand:

Low humidity speeds drying. High temps also shortens the dry time. I fear high rh more than low rh. If the rh is low and its drying too fast, I have extended the drying time by a couple of days by putting them in a bin and burping it like it is curing. The other is to leave the buds on the stems and dry trim. The moisture in the stems is redistributed to the bud
Laid out in the bin

Those temps will be ok, however lower temps are preferred in order to best preserve the terpenes.

Right now 60rh

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Im at 50rh
But at 83 farhenheit central air is out.
My humidity finally got lowered from 63 rh
While at 77 f
But now even though my rh is at 50
Im worried about high temps
Somebody help i dont wanna lose my beauty to mold or to fast a dry for smell.

I mean to fast a dry for aroma and flavor

Day 4 now
I have gotten as low as 52rh
But the temp stays at 77 78f
No stem snap very little crisp on nugs outter shell
Leaves crinkly and fallen off
52 to 56 rh fluctuation morning through midday
55 to 56 usually
Then 59 to 60 progressing towards evening
Sometimes in evening on throughout night as gotten up to 63 64
61 to 62 when i cant keep it at 60 rh
I cut it down it stank up the house then odor dissipates
Then i check rustle them around aroma in the air.
But then leave it be and odorless.
Day 3 smell good aroma fairly present little weaker that evening.
Today faint here and there from up close on others almost nothing.
This drying shit baffles me.
First grow i harvested plants superstructure had two different dry periods. One came out with a potent pine smell the other came out with nothing to a slight tea smell.
I don’t want to lose this one either.
White widow and it got you high as ever with a good creep.
But no bag fragrance very pleasing on the eye
No flavor really white ash if that really is a purity proofing.
So i guess help.
Does it just seem like im sweating bullets over nothing.
Does all the fragrance really kind come and go during dry cure process?
Heres pics great rxhaust and airflow exchange filter and damp rid bag. Here is a pic of my dry setup.

2 dehumidifiers
1bag damp rid
14inch inline filter fan combo
1 4inch exhaust fan.
1 7inch fan by right flap on low.
Left flap partially opened on other side below the buds allthis.
Besides the 4 inch exhaust and other filter fan both pulling from them top.
With an 10inch fan outside the tent a foot awy blowing air out from around tent.
Thoughts suggestions reassuring thoughts suggestions or if you run it through your grow op some good feed back.
These are my resources and the best i can do for my grow environment?
Sorry and thanks
Love to get this to a my style routine and be able to pass it down and spread the knowledge

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I’m smoking some wedding cake as I write this. I was really disappointed with it when I first put it into jars. It got slightly better each time I sampled it, but it seemed like the smell in the jar just wasn’t coming thru in the taste. It’s been curing for 12 weeks now, and it’s real cakey now, kinda wish I hadn’t given so much away! :joy:

Anyway, drying is only part of the process. Curing is the next phase. And I’m finding some plants just seem to need it more than others. Some you can smoke right when it’s dry and it’s awesome, others you might need to put away for a while.


I dont see this working out good.
77f at 61rh.
Had to take down my dry tents as i have people coming to work on central air unit and water heater.
This is my setup now.

I’m not sure what you are showing me. Is the everything in a tote and the temp & rH inside the tote is 77 & 61rH?
How long do think the current status will last?

Yes put my bud in tote closed off all the way now.
Then tote in cardboard box.
Then cardboard box in lowest temp corner of house temp at 77f
Rh roughly 57
At least for day or 2 or 3 theyll have to stay.
Theyre dark green again got really no smell except first opening tote

With 3 fans stirring air around and through box