A beginners guide from germinating to harvest to help answer most questions that most beginners have trouble with in getting started


I’m just starting to germinate 2 seeds , a Sour Diesel Kush and a Gorilla Glue seed to help most beginners on how to get started and maintain the right elements in growing from seedlings , to vegging , and training to transplanting , Temperture , watering , PPM , Ph nutrients , and to maintain the right environment for they plants to thrive , grow so they can reach success to harvest . This thread should help most get answers to the numerous questions that’s been answer a thousand times over , so by following and reading this thread should prevent repeated answer questions by most beginners I hope but over time throughout this grow I hope to teach many as to help the forum on different methods that can be done to cultivate and harvest dank killer buds with intense LED lights panels .


Im keen to see what you can show us. Have u got a pic of your germination? How are you germinating?


Very simple method in paper towels soaked in regular tap water placed in a dark humid closet for about 2-3 days on average depending on the seeds probability to germinate in a faster or slower response , simple but almost 90% guaranteed to work and germinate your seeds .


Great way. I do it like that also. Id be a little worried about the colouring in the paper towel. Might be fine but could contaminate your sprouts. Especially if there really wet like they look to be. But pics dont always show how it really is.


I just put them in there not an hour ago , bout I’ll cut another sheet without the color patterns in the paper towels but never had any isdues with germinating in designer paper towels in the past but will consider your thoughts on it .


Might not get a problem mate. I may be reading to far into it. Just thought of it looking at your pic. Hope it works fine for you. Im sure it will.


I hope I can get my new fans in before they get started growing , but I ordered some Promix Sunshine #4 soil , Terpinator , and the other additives to the Dutch master nutrient line and hopefully I can get the Humbolt Secret line ordered as well , gotta put my ILGM order in but have not decided on what growing package I want , either the Gold Leaf with flower power nutrients packaged with some auto flowers seeds , and I’m debating on which light I want to upgrade to but I need to talk to a sale rep to find out the difference in the Apache Tech AT600 different light setup , I’ve seen on a website it comes with white blue lights , white red lights , and blue red lights and all white lights in a different option , and some have 14 degree angle LEDs , 30 degree angles are 50 degree angles for coverage options , unless I just buy the Advance LED DS XML 650 but I need to talk to some sales Rep to figure out what would be my best purchase option spending that kind of money cause I want one light to fit in the tent but put out major power to grow at a gram per watt , so with 650 watts or 780 watts from one LED light in a 2x2x5 tent I don’t know if I’m putting myself in some stressful situations in such small space cause with that kind of power I really have to move fresh air majorly and this can cause air burns to the buds in flower I know for sure but I got to get it figured out quickly . But I had it all dialed in with what I had until I gave away my duct fans but it’s a lesson learned , maybe I need to just get a 48x48x60 tent and get it setup to suit my needs and just used my small tent for vegging and starting my seeds .


Now two beans are germinated , so I placed them in Happy Frog soil to get started , seen a few other growers used the mykos stuff that attaches to the roots to jump start them , have order some of that now my local Hydro store is open on Fridays only , but I have to seeds starting and this grow I’ll try to document step by step on what I do to get results in a simple grow .


Just an update , I think my little lady’s will break the top of the soil by late tomorrow and once the first set of signature leaves fans out , I’ll get started on writing as much Intel as I can to try and Wien out most repeated asked questions , so any beginner can follow this grow journal and get results with out added stress to the plants .


Yeah and there they are peeping through so in a couple days they will be up and fully opened and ready to start the seedling stage , man it been a long wait and didn’t think I had time to really start a grow but that’s to @peachfuzz for opening my mind to his engineering on a self watering system in soil , so I plan on building two self watering grow buckets like he designed and see how it goes from there but hopefully I can explain the smallest details and answer some of the most repeated question that most beginners ask when getting started , if I get this right maybe I’ll be considered as a help but I’m okay with being in the shadows are the grey area , really don’t have much time in a day to answer as many questions come thru the forum .


They are up and started so I’ll give them time to put they first set of signature leaves out and start the countdown on the calendar to begin seedling stage .


I officially started the grow calendar and in two weeks I should be on schedule to transplant . This time I started my CO2 right after the seedlings sprouted and gave them 2.5 ml of B-1Thrive Green label and B-1 Thrive Red label and I’m misting the top part of the Happy Frog soil just wet enough to water but not drain until they get transplanted to a one gallon smart pot until they third and final transplant to a 3 gallon , depending on growth of roots determine timing on transplanting to get great results for your root system to give you strong healthy plants , but using a time line I want to say transplanting should be 2-4 weeks are sooner , now I hope this thread holds the right information Intel that any first time grower can look up , read and get step by step results to yield healthy , less stressed , heavy massive colas they first grow . Stay tuned I’ll definitely try to give strong reference points , practicals on light training , directions in the process of getting a gram per watt if not closer .


I found this model browsing the interweb this morning and I have not look into the specks yet but it’s very affordable and look like a very good light , another option hmmmmmm ?


My two lil seedlings is starting to pick up a little but without my lil duct fan I used in the past my humidity been around 45-47% which is not extremely bad but does affect the plants environment enough to cause them not to thrive . But no roots yet out the bottom of the cups which I tend to wait for before transplanting , but I’ll put them in a 3 gallon pot as soon as they ready with my new added root enhancer Mykos , which I hear very good results about , and maybe 2.5 ml of some grow to help give them a slight boost , are just give them time to get going . Right now I have only the veg switch on them and waiting for when they ready to get in they big dirt box so they can stretch and grow and get trained for the scrog . Still have a few items on order that has not been purchased but in the cart . So I’ll be adding Mammoth P liquid additive to this grow along with terpinator and see if I can dial in the Fox Farm nutrients , Grow Big , Big Bloom , Tiger Bloom , Open Seaseme , Beastie Bloomz , and Cha-Ching with Over Drive and Humbolts Secret Golden Tree and see how they turn out , but only week one so far and many more to go before trained , main lined and topped for the scrog attempt .



Went to go price another fan and got a 435 CFM for a really good price brand new and yes two sample bottles of the Mammoth P .


I gave my 2 lil seedlings 2.5 ml of Mammoth P in PH water at 5.7 in solo cups and they seem to be picking up the pace . Installed the 6 inch 435 CFM inline fan on the bottom pulling out air , and used the 190 CFM inline fan bring in cooler humid fresh air with only the Veg switch on my lights with a CO2 GroBro generator and mist sprayed the Happy Frog soil in the solo cup until top layer looked wet , and now I have the second node growing which by this time next week I hope to transplant from solo cups into 1 gallon smart pots and maybe topped if the forth node starts to grow out . Now I do have the Mykos which I hear is a jump start for seedlings and plants being transplanted to help them recover and I’m anxious to see if it does works . Now before the transplant I would like to see roots at the bottom of the solo cups first , are rapid vertical growth but I will give them 2.5 ml of B-1 Red label super thrive and B-1 Green label super thrive that comes in the recipe for success nutrient package are some B-52 by Advance nutrients with Pirahna and Tarantula to help jump start roots after transplanting and to help with stress , now I hear super thrive works also but I’m just giving options on what can help during transplanting for those who following this thread . Once transplanted into 1 gallon pot , plant will be topped and trained for a mainline stalk than once it recovers in about a week , I’ll super crop it by pinching node joints and let recover before the final transplant into 3 gallon pots .


This is what I’ve been using at 2.5 ml to only a 6 ounce spray bottle only to spray around the seedlings , and the next photo is what all comes in "The Recipe for Success " nutrient packaged and the writing explains the benefits of the contents that’s in it and I used it early in my experience to kind of fix sick stress plants cause it has a formula chart which is very easy to follow , I’ll post a photo of the two here next , but yeah this where I’m at and my seedlings are picking up , but I think my lights need to be adjusted so I’m going back into some notes to see what light height I was at in this phase of my last few grows , but I’m expecting them to really take off in this week cause the roots should be really developing and I know that by the slow vertical growth . Whenever you don’t see much happening above the soil is cause a lot is happening beneath the soil we cannot see and the signature leaves is really getting big to absorb light so I think they roots are getting establish but I’ll wait and give them time to talk to me and let me know when they ready to move to a big room to flourish .


@FloridaSon I invite you my friend to comment , post , are just openly talk on this thread about what I’m trying to do to help beginners like myself , and incorporate what you’ve learned , apply , and the results you got from using some of the techniques that I’m trying to imply here to help answer the repeated questions that get asked over and over again , but this is where I regret taking journalism in school to discussed , explained , and give power points and practicals on the subject matter to make for less reading and more understanding in short paragraphs . One of the most biggest mistakes most beginners make is by not reading enough information on growing a plant through out the two growth phases successfully without stressing the plant . But with much patience you only need three vital essential elements , great lighting is a must , good organic soil , and quality PH water to really grow a good harvest , and in the course of time and impatience , many try to speed up the growth process by over feeding nutrients with not enough light for the plants to photosynthesis properly , cause cannabis can be a very forgiving plant even after it’s been stressed tremendously . Well I hope this thread be one of the top 5-10 threads to be suggested for many new comers to learn , that simple and a stable grow environment is all it takes , Clean fresh air moving in the grow space with decent levels of Carbon Monoxide , the right Temperture ranges between 72-84 degrees is ideal , and the right humidity levels which varies in vegging and flowering are 60%-75% in vegging and in flowering 30%- 50% is good and they can harvest a decent 2-3 ounces of good quality bud .


Gave them a light spray and lower my light to 24 inches to see if they will speed up a little to get them ready for the transplant to the 1 gallon smart pots , but they definitely looking good and producing some really nice full leaves , man ILGM have some strong genectics pheno type strains . I’m hoping this grow I can really help the beginners to learn patience to understand the more time you put in the grow , the better the rewards will be at harvest time . Also , to experiment with new additives I think will add to my bud , terpenes , and resin production will be awesome . So yeah trying to find the sweet spot right now with my light height , keeping them happy with fresh humid air circulating in and out the tent , adding C02 just to help out a little , but I’m ready to see them start the training and get that main line stalk going so I can start the scrog training and see how much I can produce in this grow , excited , anxious , but patient . I think this grow will be the most purgent and best quality from the last being I don’t have to really rush them along .


Lower my lights yesterday and today after checking on them I found lil roots coming out the bottom of the solo cup , so I started prepping the next pots , but I really need Mykos to go with the Azos , but worst case I’ll just used the Azos if I have to transplant befor I can get the Mykos . Really would like to used them together but I can’t hold up the roots if they thriving , thinking about topping them now to buy time to get the Mykos in case I have to do a quick order , but man this is gone be a tough decision . I’m headed out of town on a short trip for four days , which I need to transplant them so I can saturate the soil enough to hold them until I return , but I don’t know if I should do the 1 gallon or 3 gallon , a growers decisions when it’s not much time .