A bale of hay was bigger than I thought it would be

When I was a snake eater we’d say “two is one. One is none.” So I mounted a second drain spout on the other end. If to have to flip the bin around, the back up drain is ready.

Amazingly enough, the drains don’t touch the floor when the bin is resting on its rollers.


Are the spigots for drainage? The center of the spigot is still half an inch above the bottom of the container, it will be hard to get all the “sitting” water out if that was your plan


Like I mentioned earlier, the bale was bigger than I thought.

I’m going to have to re-string the bale to 31 inches. I’ll also build a skeleton structure around the bale for additional stability of the structure of the bale. @Zee

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My brother was with the 10th Special Forces Group in Bad Tolz back in the ugly '80’s.


Realistically I think this could work as long as supplement daily NPK.


Yeah. The bin is actually built at a slight angle to drain the water to one end.

If I have to perform an emergency drillaholectomy due to sitting water, I’m prepared to do so! But I appreciate you lookin out for me. I’m doing most of this with spare parts and a half-baked plan. And that’s not all that’s half-baked.

I could also put some veneer under the opposite side of the bin to direct water to the drains.


“The Jumpin’ Junkies”
That shit was no joke in the 80s. It was all over by the time I served. lol!


:+1: no problem, just something I noticed

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How am I gonna re-string this beyotch? I want it to stay solid like a bale.

I’m sure someone has a better idea than I do.

I would restring to desired size, then cut the other strings.


That’s what I did too.
First I made a big needle.

Then I sewed it up.

Please don’t explode, baby

Thank you, tiny baby jesus.

This ended up kinda like I thought it would look.


Buy a couple of ratchet straps and call it good. This is what we do with straw bales for our archery backstops.


I know I have some CGU-1B’s around here somewhere.

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And this is where she’s going to sit.

If it was a sunny day, the pic would look cooler. But it’s not sunny today in Oly-Ville.

That was fun. It kinda sucked for the first time and all. But I could make the next one a lot faster.

Now I’m going to charge the bale and get her ready for some plants in a couple of weeks. Thanks to everyone watching along today. It’s time for some pizza and Firefly. It’s time to hear what Shepherd Book has for me today.
Sunday, June 7.


Watching for sure.

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So… to charge the bale, I first cut two small slots where I plan to stick two little plants.

Then I got two scoops of compost/muck. Jeez this stuff smells like a hot swamp.

And place the compost on top of the slits and pour some rainwater on the muck so it starts getting soaked into the bale. That’s the first step.

Now we wait.


Glad you can make it.

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My husbands friend grows tomato plants in bales of straw every year. I don’t know the details but he grows some big a$$ plants


That’s cool! I’ve seen people grow all kinds of stuff in straw and I thought ‘why not weed’?

So I’ve been driving around with this bale of straw in the trunk of my car since mid-March. I finally got around to building the straw trolley.


Pretty interesting! How do you water something like that? I grew up stacking straw bales and remember having to toss the ones with moisture aside due to risk of fire. There’s some sort of chemical reaction that happens and they heat up. How will that fair with the roots?

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