A bale of hay was bigger than I thought it would be

when the bale is nice and dry again, I’m gonna spread out an old bedsheet in the driveway and see how much of the straw I can shake out of the roots to see how they grew through the straw.

then I’ll dig out the holes that my plants grew in this summer and dump all the straw in the holes. and between now and next spring, I’ll save my apple cores, cucumber peels, egg shells, moldy oranges, and stuff like that and throw it all in the holes too.


I finally busted open the bale of straw. The inside of the bale is crumbling. I was also surprised to find that it is slightly damp still. It has been in the garage all winter!

So I’m thinking about finishing busting it up and crumbling it to add to my soil this summer.

What’s everyone think?


I think it could be good stuff in there.


I’m hoping so. I crumbled some of it up to use this afternoon to make some fresh compost for top dressing.

Still a little work to do with it…and a bunch of waiting.


A compost-y sponge. No evidence of any roots. The Main stem from last year’s grow just popped off in my hand. I’m saving the microbial thing for something special. I don’t know what yet.


I cover my garden in 10 inches of hay each fall.


I honestly don’t care about Will Smith and Chris Rock, or any Kardashian, or who’s team is winning the latest sports ball game. I didn’t care about it before and I can’t find myself caring about it now.

You want to get my attention? Be pro-human.

Somewhere a baby is crying because he is hungry and a mother is sobbing because she can’t feed her baby.

A father is breaking his back in the dark to make sure his family has a warm place to sleep.

An 18 year old is pulling the trigger to defend his country, ending someone else’s life.

Another soldier is still fighting demons left over from a war she came home from years ago.

A happy family is ripped apart because one of their family members wasn’t born here.

Someone right now can no longer afford their life-saving medication and is deciding to halve their doses, just to make it last a little bit longer.

A loving couple is refused service at a local business because of who they’re married to.

Someone’s grandmother dies at home, cold and alone. Her body isn’t found until her bills go unpaid.

A teenager is shivering in the cold because their parents don’t have room in their house or their hearts for their child.

A child has their 39th seizure of the day as his parents hold him and cry, a veteran eats another pill just to go back to sleep, a cancer patient is too weak to heal because they can’t eat though the nausea, and jails are overcrowded with generations of people already oppressed… Because the government is too busy trying to tax every blood-soaked dollar and won’t decriminalize cannabis.

You don’t have to do something to fix everything. But everyone can do something. Don’t let religion, politics, or society limit your love.