A bale of hay was bigger than I thought it would be

I’m glad to see that worked for you. I lost your grow. Nice colors. I talked about your grow with a friend. I’ll have to tell him.


Another flip-flopping observation. I was overwatering this plant all last summer and so far this summer. I bought a moisture meter thing and have been watering a LOT less and this plant is doing much better.

@Zee I guess it helps to buy some of those electronic things sometimes. :rofl:


I’m starting to think I can do better with another bale of straw next summer.

I might need someone to come over and beat some sense into me.


I’m not to this point of experimentation yet but I thoroughly enjoyed reading through this thread!
I’m still on my first “real” grow and can’t wait to start another so I can train some more! I found that to be great fun! But this is off the chain!! - yeah, bringing it back! LOL!
All in all the plant looks healthy and good, to me.
IMHO, that’s definitely mushroom mycellium. I’d be willing to bet that if you cased it with some fresh clean straw or soil and watered pretty well within a few days you’d have fruit. Technically THAT is the mushroom and what we call a mushroom is the fruit of the plant. I guess it’s one of those word things because we don’t call an apple tree a apple! But, scientifically speaking, that’s what it is.
It’s almost impossible to tell what type of shroom without the fruit and in some cases a spore print has to be used to identify slight differences in the strains.
I messed around with the Homestead kit YEARS ago, but my experience with shrooms proved to me that I’m better at eating shrooms than growing them! LOL! And there’s only ONE reason I’m eating a mushroom! YUCK!!

thanks man. i love this plant, and i hate to love this plant.

Please send me a like to a website that explains how you do the thing you just said here. That might be fun to try.

So she’s either 76 or 72 days since popping out of the soil. BOTH of my first two ILGM Wedding Cakes hermied on Day 78 and were harvested on Day 79 @violagirl0 . I’m kind of hoping this one (and the WC in the GroBucket) holds out a little bit longer than that.

And this plant also gets full blasted by the streetlight across the street and it’s on all night long.



What could go wrong?
:rofl: :joy: :rofl: :upside_down_face: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :crazy_face:


Keep up the weirdness man!!
That’s what makes us who we are!!

Much Love and Best of Luck Brother!!

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That streetlight probably barely triggers a light meter
at that distance. In fact, Id bet the moon is almost as bright. Looks dope bro

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Funny story about the ILGM wedding cake…super relaxing effects. I use it to make gummies and eat one almost every night and sleep great! Hubby gets all bent out of shape if I throw some away so he scrapes the bowl and makes like a giant effing fruit roll up on wax paper. Takes little nibbles. So he tells me he hasn’t been getting where he wants so he EATS THE WHOLE THING. Spends the whole night twitching and moaning “oh, I fu@ked up.” Next morning he says he woke up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom but his legs and arms were so relaxed they wouldn’t work. Says he just resigned himself that he was “just gonna have to sh$t the bed.” (Lucky for him, he didn’t.) :rofl:. He dumb.


After the morning I’ve had so far I needed that laugh!

Gotta hide this one for a few days.

She’ll come out on Sunday night.



She’s getting the chop on Monday probably.



She’s ready for harvest tomorrow.



Harvest day: 08/30

Wedding Cake (bale of straw): 176.3 g wet weight.


Looks yummy! Now the real wait begins.

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Noice lookin dope

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Thanks neighbor!

Update on the bale

The bale got rained on but not soaked. Then I moved her into the garage two days ago to sit in the dark. My little biomass is getting dark!

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My wife and I both want to see what’s inside the bale!!

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me too…

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