A bale of hay was bigger than I thought it would be

I’m probably going to do something with it. Bubble hash or canna butter. This is not really the effect I’m going for with my weed.

I’ll wait a couple of weeks and see if it changes.


I keep telling myself to make cannabutter for some cookies to get a couch lock, but never get motivated to do it.


Yo! We’re back.

I forgot how much I hated this project.


I have two ILGM auto Zkittlez deciding if they want to come out and play.

If they both grow, one will go in here. Otherwise it’ll get an ISK like this one.



So the bale has been charging for a few weeks.

Checked the calibration on my thermometer.

and stuck it back in the bale.

It looks like my tomatoes are almost ready. Just a few more weeks.

When I was scraping off all the soil and shit that I packed on top of the bale last year, I could tell a big difference in the overalt texture of the bale. It’s much more soft and bouncy. kinda like a mattress or one of those old-timey bath sponges that you can still squeeze even when it’s dry.

Time to check the thermometer again.

That seems about right. So when the time is right, I shouldn’t have to worry about cooking any seedlings like I almost did last year.

@Hellraiser @Myfriendis410 @Hoppiefrog @hoppiebunny @Covertgrower
@violagirl0 @Breezy @Arrow Has anyone heard from @DivChem ? How’s he doing? Is he still growing?

@Zee What do you have growing right now?


I’ve grown way more than I can possible use. And besides giving to my very close family, I’ve donated ~7-8 ounces (over the course of a couple of harvests) to an individual in a VA support group that, in turn, gives it away to local vets that can’t just buy it (the reason doesn’t matter. He doesn’t judge.) But he also tries his best to make sure that the stuff he gives away isn’t sold. And as far as I’ve heard, he’s never accepted a dime for any cannabis donated to him.

Funny story though… earlier this year he had to stop taking donations for a couple months.

Because of Covid, a small number of folks in our group also started growing at home. Yay! But when everyone’s plants were harvested and dried at the same time, he had quit taking donations because he “didn’t have a responsible way of giving away as much weed as people were donating”.

We all thought it was pretty funny.


Those tomatoes are almost ripe!! Looking forward to the bail of hay grow, it was awesome watching her get so big and beautiful at the end of last season.

I got 4 GSCE from ILGM sprouted at the moment. 3 came out as expected, however 1 took 2 weeks to sprout. These girl scouts are already starting to want nutes, they started to consume themselves at week 2 above ground. I just finished up getting a transfer to 5 gallon pots (Forever home) set up for tomorrow morning. I’ll post pics tomorrow. My fingernails are so dirty, makes this cold beer taste great!

This will be my first grow with all the same strain, and using Jacks, I was going to mix batches of concentrate like you, but ended up pre filling dime bags of each part. This was the first grow I also used happy frog for germ, instead of ocean forest. I will be going back to FFOF for germ since the girls consumed themselves earlier than I expected. About to start LST, I’ll have some ? Tomorrow.

Great story about donating some of your harvest. I had family in the armed forces, and know some great toke would have helped them.


Hell yeah.

That’s what I’m going to do with my next grow in GroBuckets.

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Good on ya man


And we’re off! ILGM Zkittlez auto seedling put in the bale!

@BigMommaC Here’s my other project.




Hello little one!! Best count ur lucky stars oly is growing you and not this momma :sweat_smile:

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Dude!!! That’s amazing!!!


This is going to be cool to watch grow!

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I was just catching up at the right time! The show begins…

Nice story. Awesome of both u potheads

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Quick! Smoke it fast!

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Today is day 9-ish for the little auto.

And I had to get some tie down straps. The ties that I made last year (last June! lol!) were disintegrated and weren’t really holding nothing together.

So I’m now feeding her 100% strength Jacks321. And I feed her every day, unless it’s just pissin’ down rain. And she still gets a cheese-ball dome to protect her at night.



Day 18