99 problems, but germination ain't 1 🌱


I’ve seen a lot of people on here posting about germination. Mostly problems that they are having through the process. Well you’re in luck, I have generously decided to share my fool proof 98% germination step by step process. I would normally start off with grade A+ seeds from I💚GM , but in this case, are you people really worth it? Hahaha I’m sorry, I had too. I have all my I💚GM growing good at the moment. This will be a LSD25 auto bean that I will start in a solo cup and transplant as I did with my Photo’s. Pictures and steps to come, at the bar at the moment.


First I always start out with a shot glass, a touch of peroxide (yes the stuff that goes on cuts ) and tap water. I will give this 48 hrs in the solution ( 23 hrs in) Normally by that time a tail has sprung.


Good info as I’m planning to start 2 AK47 and 2 skunk later this week. Looks simple enough!


After 26 hours we have a tail! A lot of people like to transfer their seeds into moist paper towels (which I have done in the past) and thought it was too much work for a beginner. Actually ended up being easier in the end to leave the seed in the shot glass. Seeds will live up to a week submerged in water, wouldn’t recommend that though lol.


Tomorrow I will transfer the seed into a red solo cup ( not clear, roots hate light). With some seed starter soil that can be purchased almost anywhere. Some dont like miracle grow, but if used proper and no nutrients until transplant. I know this will work. Fox farm happy frog is also good.


Watching! I know my first two attempts at germination was a fail so this will be useful for new growers :sweat_smile: Happy growing!


14 hours later the tail has grown more, time to plant. I like using solo plastic cups. Perfect size for starting sprouts until transplant. Plenty of holes drilled for air and run off. Though at this point you WILL NOT be watering until runoff. Over watering your soil is a common way to kill your sprout. I like to use a 8 oz water bottle with pin holes in the top. This bottle should last a week with just a few squirts a day.


Time to bask in the sun for 18 hrs. Being an outdoor grower I always start my seeds in my dome.


Thank you for taking the time and putting forth the effort to post these step by step instructions. All too often the details are left out and us beginners are left guessing.
I will be along for the ride, @bruinsfan33. My second grow from seed will start in a couple of months, must bring the Clone Army home first.


Group photo of my other ladies in the green house


Great post @bruinsfan33


Great info, thanks @bruinsfan33.


Just started 2 ak47 and 2 skunk in solution. Grow #3 is up and running.