94 days old and counting

Indoor Fem. LSD . 750w HPS/ MH , All FF soil and nutes … The last 2 waterings , I havent added any nutes … I know I cant go by the grow / harvest dates because according to them , they will be ready to harvest in 2 days … NOT … I see all milky but no amber. I need 50 - 60 % because im wanting a couch buzz … So figure another 7-10 days ???

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I would say anytime looks like you are fox tailing but I would anytime you want too in 10 days you will have the couch lock you are looking for but even taking it now it’s some Potent stuff one of my favorites

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So its at the couch stage now ?? Or wait, say 4-5 more days for the couch buzz ???

It Will be stronger the longer you wait but it’s already strong as it is


Sweet … I will wait a few more days before chopping … Another question , When I hang them , I know to keep air moving but not blowing on them directly … Can I take down my HPS/MH lighting and tent ?? If I have them in my living room hanging , do I have to worry about indirect lighting , like my living room light fixture ??? Or will they be fine with just normal light coming in from the windows ??

Why not just use your tent for drying.
A lot of people do that. :v:


I can do that … But 1 of the girls is 5 days older than the other 2 … Hence 2 & 3 will still need lighting after # 1 gets chopped and hung … My question is , do they still need any HPS/MH lighting when they are hung ?? Or is the natural light fine ?? Do they need 12 hours of pitch black while drying ???

No light when drying is better for the entire process. @bluethumb.


Yeah keep it in the dark when you dry it thanks @Oldguy