90w led UFO what to use for?

Was wandering opinions on a 90w led UFO. Got it given to me last night, Would it be better for veg or flower?

i would say it would be good in both areas @Dankgrower88, if you have a dark spot,put her on in,

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I would say it depends on the light spectrum it puts out more blue veg more red flower but most likely will work in both stages
just may be suited more for one or the other

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Not sure what it means but it has one red one orange and one blue sticker on the back of it. Don’t see any othe labels on it. Will post a pic of it, should I light it up?

Both on and off please

Pretty sure it’s for flower

Looks like it’s a good little light i would use it as a side light or as a seedling light
It’s more in the red it looks like but with the blue and orange I believe your in the full spectrum range
Bet you could grow 1 plant full grow under it :+1::slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks @Countryboyjvd1971 for the input. Not bad for a freebie :joy: :grin::+1::metal:


Free is for me bro
Nothing wrong with that


If I were to use this in a 3x3x6 flower closet, how many 100 w 2700k cfls would be needed to have enough light? @Majiktoker @MacGyverStoner @Matthew420 @kabongster @FloridaSon

You need to know the wattage. 2700k is the color. Try to get 50w per square foot. I think CFL’s are 23w, something like that. That would mean around 19 of them.

3’x3’ = 9 sq feet.
9x50watts is 450watts
450watts / 23watts (CFL’s) = 19+ bulbs (Maybe get away with a few less)

Also note: The lower, 2500K-3500k (red spectrum) is best for flower and something like 5000-6500K (blue spectrum) is best for veg. The higher number the better for veg to reduce stretch. 6500K is daylight deluxe color and is best. And you can keep CFL’s fairly close to the plant tops. A few inches or so. Put your hand between the plant and the light. If it’s hot for you, it’s hot for them too.

I hope this helps. That’s a lot of bulbs. You might consider a LED or other method that delivers more output.

See what the others say.


Somewhere around 15 to get 50watts per square foot. In addition to the round LED.

Edited to 100 watt 2700k cfl

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100 true watts or 100w equivalent?

Ideally, you need 450 true watts. Actual power draw. The LED is 90watts so you need 360w more. That’s best case and a good target. If you fall a little short you’ll probably be okay.

They r 23w 100eq I believe. Have 10 in a 2x4x7 veg closet

With CFLs, you want about the standard, maybe only a little less than HPS because you can get them much closer than HPS without being too hot, but they can still be too hot at too close of a distance.

So it is 40 to 50 actual watts per square foot, never equivalent watts, for CFLs. And they make 40, 45, 50 and 55 watt CFLs that you can usually find easily at most hardware stores.

So you build a board or something to mount them on, and divide it up like a tic, tac, toe, or pound sign/hash tag symbol and put one 45 watt in each square,

Kind of like this, but this person used more and smaller or less powerful CFLs:

And BTW, a 90 watt UFO LED might be good for a 2ft. x 2ft. tent, but it depends on the quality and intensity of the LED diodes. Normally a LED like that, the manufacturer or website or box or instructions, somewhere will give you a footprint area at a certain height, and a larger area and higher placement for veg, and a shorter height and smaller area for flower, as flower always needs more intense light than veg.

And you could always use it in a larger area, supplemented with CFLs to make up the difference.

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Thanks brother, that was very helpful man​:+1::ok_hand::metal:

Any ideas how to figure out who makes it? Or model? so I can do some research on how much area it covers and all
Edit: How close can I have it to top of plants?