9 weeks blown out 4x4

Hi friends and family!!! Apologize for the excessive post about my grow… Just learned I could link them all too one post…anyways, if anybody ever needs a master formula from start to finish to do an perfect organic 4x4 grow, hit me up! This is actually my first grow. Ive eaten organic my whole life, so had a natural instinct and did proper research before I dropped the seed! Anyways, enjoy the pics! And thank you for everybodies feedback! I couldn’t of done it without you! -foop guy … Kozmoz out

Sometimes I stand there staring at the monstrosity wanting to cry! Filled with great joy… Know what I mean.


I would too. Looking at all that trimming that needs to be done. :sob: Sore hands and back in your future.


Awesome job bro. U killed it.


I hope you start a journal for your next grow. When you do please tag me in. Great job.


I’m just learning you can do that! So, right now I’ve been positing since the seeds… But my post are like a smorgis board!

That was my first grow! Something happened, post a question. I was able to meet a lot of great growers and when I started a grow journal I could tag them there. Make it so easy to consolidate everything.